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Top Crop

Top Crop Quality Organic Fertilizers

Top Crop nutrients and additives are shaking up the Spanish market, providing the best results from 100% organic fertilizing products. Studies conducted by Top Crop plus the experience of many growers support the use of these organic and high quality products.

Thanks to Top Veg your plants can achieve a healthy and strong growth, increasing branch strength and trunks so they can hold up hefty weights during the flowering. If your outdoor plants need a boost, you can always give them Green Explosion, a growth stimulant that can make your plants increase their size greatly in just a few days.

Once the flowering starts, you might want to start using Top Bloom, a flowering stimulant that will give your plants the nutrients they need every day to grow flowers. Big One flowering stimulant, besides accelerating the blooming, will increase resin yield at the end of the cycle. Top Candy supplies sugars and carbohydrates that will result in stronger and harder flowers.

There are several additives at your disposal to improve your plant's life. MicroVita, for instance, is a set of beneficial microorganisms for soil that will get your plants to absorb nutrients better.

Top Vulcan can get your plants to develop stronger cell walls, so they will be more resistant against external attacks. Your plants will be able to undergo heat waves and strong winds, water shortages or pests attacks much more easily since their cell walls will be thicker and imprenetrable. Besides, they will retain more water particles.

Barrier will help with the transportation of nutrients along with the photosynthesis process (more chlorophyll will be created). Your plant will be lush green along all the growing cycle. Moreover, they will be protected against all type of diseases thanks to a reinforced immunological system.

SuperGuano will provide your plants with the extra fattening they need at the end of the cycle. You have to add it to the pots at the start of the flowering period, so that plants can start absorbing it a month after. If you are growing seasonal plants outdoors, you might have to use it between 2 to 3 times during the flowering stage.

In short, if you want to grow your plants in a natural way and using only 100% organic products, don't hesitate, Top Crop's range will produce memorable yields at incredibly affordable prices.