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Ozonizers and Purifiers for your crop

Ozonizers, ionizers and air purifiers. These devices will destroy the odor particles generated by your plants or smoking habits by generating ozone through plates or bulbs. 

Ozone oxidizes surfaces, and when it catches an odor particle in suspension, it oxidizes it and destroy it. The ozone released in the air will also kill fungi, bacteria and virus, the same as if you use it in water. If you place an ozonizer in a room, it will eliminate odors in that space. It can be used, for instance, to neutralize  smoke or marijuana smell in a corridor leading to a drying room. Ozone must never come into contact with marijuana directly since it will oxidize the resin and leave it odorless.

Ozonizers can be placed in the air extraction system of an indoor grow op so they guarantee the air reaching the outside is clean and odorless. It is a very effective system for large gardens. Ozone Generators let you ensure the air coming out of your growing space never smells like marijuana. Some models inject air inside the duct while others are mounted in line with the duct. Whichever model you choose, you must ensure at least 5 m of duct are left between the ozonizer and the street outlet, so there is enough length for the ozonizer to act and destroy the smell.

Domestic ozonizers such as Cornwall Wall Ozonizers, Mini Ozon with cable or without it, Piranha OzonizerOvni Ozonizer or Water Master Air/Water Ozonizer can be used in rooms to fight odors. They are usually used when you smoke at home so that smell doesn't leak to the stairs where neighbors could feel it or to prevent the smell from spreading all over the house. In many occasions, and particularly while manicuring the harvest, your home can release a very strong fragrance that might reveal your activity. By using any of these ozonizers you will keep the smell under control. Depending on the model you choose, you will enjoy some features or others, such as a continuous, discontinuous (air gusts) or timed operation. 

Some manufacturers state their products can be used on a wall in the very same room where plants are grown. This is the case of Ozotres Pared. It is available in several models (different power) to meet the needs of your room. However, we recommend using a duct ozone generator so that ozone is not supplied to the plants.

3G Cornwall Electronics Ozonizer is one of the most efficient and economical devices in our catalogue. It can produce up to 3000 mg/h, enough for a 2500 m3/h extraction system. It releases ozone into the air of a room with strong scents, no matter if they come from weed, animals or any other intense and unpleasant source, they will all disappear almost immediately. It can also be used to inject ozone into the current of our extraction duct through a small silicone tube so it eliminates all odor particles that passes through the extraction duct before the air reaches the street.

Duct Ozonizers produce ozone by means of bulbs, electronic plates or crowns. Proper maintenance is paramount to keep ozonizers in good condition and avoid expelling smells to the outside. For example, Uvonair UV-80 works with some bulbs that can last up to 800 hr with a regular use. After that time, bulbs must be changed to ensure they don't break down without users noticing it.

Other models such as Uvonair CD work by means of crowns, a type of electrical plates that generate a tension that joins air particles, turning O2 (oxygen) into O3 (ozone). These types of crown generate a certain amount of ozone that depends on their power. Their main advantage is they never fuse. In order to maintain them, all you have to do is open them once in a while, in order to remove dust from the crowns. Do this and you will never have to replace them.

Ozotres Ozonizers use a type of bulbs full with neon which can generate great amounts of ozone but must be replaced over time in order to avoid problems. Neon gas is consumed little by little, until the bulbs stop being effective. However, the average service-life of a bulb is 25000 hr. Depending on the quantity of bulbs, the amount of ozone produced will vary to suit a certain number of m3/h of extraction. Approximately, it can said you would need a 30% more mg/h of ozone than m3/h of extracted air: ie. an ozonizer generating 1500 mg/h would be ideal for a 1050 m3/h extractor.

Ozotubo and Steril Tube are two of the most affordable duct ozonizers on the market. Those two models by the same brand produce ozone by means of Long Life bulbs. Long Life bulbs don't contain neon inside and they are actually hollow. Its maintenance is limited to ocasional cleaning so that dust doesn't build up and bulbs can keep on working without fusing. Ozotubo generates barely the same amount of ozone than one SterilTube of the same diameter, the only difference being it has more lamps. If you want a normal ozonizer for 125 we will choose Ozotube. But if you are looking for a powerful ozonizer, SterilTrube would probably be better.

If you have a large grow op you can use several devices or even an ozone injection system to supply from 3000 to 16000 mg/h. This would be enough for even the largest extraction systems. These devices work as industrial generators and will suit the needs of even large seed-producers.

If you are looking for an ozonizer to fight odor, we have an ideal model for you. Just take a look at our wide selection of ozone generators and their detailed descriptions to find yours.