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Carbon filters

Anti-odor Carbon Filters for marijuana smell

All models and sizes of Carbon Filters from all brands are available in our catalogue. At GrowBarato you will find permanent offers in all our products.

Odor filters will help you keep your garden secret, removing strong scents from the air expelled to the street. They are indispensable when growing indoors since, unless you use them, the smell will irremediably reveal your growing op.

There are several brands and models of Carbon Filters, each of them featuring different characteristics

You will normally chose them according to the size you need -which, in turn, depends on the size of your extractor- . Besides, they all work similarly and prices and quality don't differ much. Some brands are well known while others are new on the market. However, all the products we sell are effective.

Can Filters is the most famous brand of active carbon filters. These are long filters with a thin carbon coating. This makes it possible for important air flows to pass through them without forcing the operation of the extractor. If carbon was of bad quality, with such a thin layer they wouldn't be able to work. However, Can Filters use the best available active carbon on the market.

Mountain Air filters have become very popular over the last years due to their efficiency and long duration. These filters have thick walls and are quite short. This makes it more difficult for odor particles to trespass them. They last up to 3 years which explains its price, which is a bit higher than other similar models.

Koa Filters are the ones that offer the best quality/price ratio. Enjoy 100% of effectivity without having to make big investments. They are made of aluminium and are filled with the best Australian Active Carbon, one of the best in the world. They have thick walls and are quite compact, which makes them ideal for grow tents since with little weight they allow maximum airflow. 

Air Vanguard filters are very similar to Koa Filters but the brand is quite new. They are very light and will work perfectly in grow tents and small gardens. The rods of your tent won't suffer and yet, not an ounce of smell will go out through the extractor.

There are other novelties such as the Inline filters by Koalair, which let you remove the odor of the air passing through them. Usually, carbon filters are set at the edge of the duct so, if you have a split tube, two filters are required. However, thanks to Koalair, it is possible to use just one filter by placing it before the bifurcation point

All the former filters include a short of membrane that protects them from dirt and increases their lifespan significantly. These are usually called Filter Sleeves (or jackets) and you'll find them classed by brand in our catalogue. Although they are washable, there is a moment where cleaning doesn't help and simply deteriorates them, which means it's time to change them.

Sometimes - for instance, when you are rooting cuttings or plants are at the vegetative stage-, large filters are not necessary. Odor Sock filters are made of a cloth that contains active carbon and although they are not as good as the ones made of aluminium, they do the job. When smells are not aggressive, as it is the case with very young plants that simply smell like "a plant", these filters are ideal. For plants at the flowering stage, where scents can be really strong, it is advisable to choose one of the former types.

If your filter is too big and you are afraid of hanging it from the ceiling or you cannot simply hang it, you can use one of our stands for odor filters. They consist of a structure with 4 legs that provide stability and include two adjustable holders where you can leave your filter. Since the filter is supported at two points, the airflow won't be stopped, unlike when it is too close to the ceiling or to the wall.