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Smoker Items

Smoker items and related accessories

In this section you'll find a wide range of products that smokers use on a daily basis such as smoking papers, lighters, gifts and other things like lighter holders or sniffers.

In our catalogue we have smoking papers of all brands and sizes, as well as filters and tips for those who don't like having to make their own roach when they roll. Rolling-tobacco smokers tend to roll with OCB, one of the leading brands in the market. It comes in 1"1/4 and Slim, known as an L paper. You can buy stand-alone packs of paper or boxes; the second option is much more affordable. For those who like rolling their joints with OCB paper, we have OCB Ultimate, the slimmest paper on the market. If you like saving money, we have boxes of 300 and 500 packs of papers so that you can save money.

Weed smokers tend to prefer a particular brand: Raw. It's an organic paper brand that doesn't employ chemicals in the creation process, providing us with a more natural paper. It comes in two sizes, 1"1/4 and the King Size. If you choose the Connoisseur King Size option you'll also get cardboard tips in the pack. If you roll with 1"1/4, you can get booklets of 300 papers. Raw also sells tips: a pack of filters with no whitening substances. They're ideal for your rolling kit so you don't have to go and look for a tip every time you roll a joint.

If you don't like using cardboard tips, there are also different filter models available. Jilter filters are similar to cigarette filters, but they include a hole into which you place some cardboard so more smoke comes out. When smoke goes through a sponge filter, many of its impurities are filtered without affecting the amount of smoke that comes out. Another model of filter is the ActiTube or Tune Filters, that will clean up the impurities in the smoke, filtering it through active carbon. You'll get a cleaner smoke that will allow you to enjoy your joints better while reducing the harm done to your body.

Don't like rolling or don't know how to? Now you have an easy solution: Cones. They're pre-rolled paper cones ready to be filled and pressed; they even include a filter. They come in different sizes so that you can use whichever suits you best, preparing your joint in a matter of minutes. Though it might look difficult to fill them it is not, since they come with a sort of funnel that will help you to fill them and a press.

If you run out of time to finish your spliff and have to get somewhere fast, we have a little thing called the joint-keeper. They are plastic containers that are air-tight when closed so that you can put your joints away and save it for later, keeping it nice and fresh. The Saverette is an opaque plastic model so that no prying eyes can see your joint. We also have the XL JointKeeper, a bit more affordable and transparent, although it's bigger, so you can store bigger joints.

There are portable blowtorches in several sizes, to be used along with your BHO pipe or your shisha. Some are as simple as the Vaponic Blowtorch and double and triple flame blowtorches, to heat up the nail or light up charcoal in a matter of seconds. We also have solar lighters, in case it's super windy or your normal lighter is dying. If there's anything a smoker can't live without, it's a lighter, and with the solar-powered option, a bit of sun will be enough for you to light your joint up. If you are one of those people who constantly lose your lighters, we have a retractable lighter-holder, that will come back to its original position after being used.

We also have several items for powdery substances users, such as tubes for sniffing in several models, containers and dispensers. Depending on the model, quality varies. Some are in plastic, metal and high quality aluminium.

Take a look at the different products in our smoker section and have a look at the descriptions written by our team, including sizes and available formats. As always, you'll find great offers in our catalogue.