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Smoker Items

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Smoker Items

Smoker items and related accessories

The Smoker Items category contains an incredibly wide selection of accessories and devices that smokers use each and every day such as papers, lighters, grinders and other items such as lighter holders and sniffers.

We stock many different brands and sizes of rolling papers, including blunt papers, as well as cardboard mouthpiece tips for those that prefer to roll prepared. Those that smoke rolled tobacco tend to use OCB papers, one of the leading rolling paper brands. They come in 1” ¼ and Slim sized, which is also known as L paper. We stock booklets by the unit and by the box. We also stock OCB Ultimate, the thinnest rolling paper on the market. If you’d like to save some cash, you can get discounted 200 and 300 paper booklets – super affordable.

If you’re a weed smoker you probably already have a preference; RAW papers. This organic rolling paper brand does not use any sort of chemicals in their manufacturing process, making for the most natural papers possible. They come in many different sizes, including 1” ¼ and King Sized – their connoisseur king sized booklets come with cardboard tips for your joints too. You can also get packs of up to 1” ¼ 300 papers.

We also stock tips that contain no whiteners at all – they’re perfect for keeping around on your rolling tray so that you don’t have to get up every time you roll a joint.

If you don’t like using cardboard tips, we also stock various types of filters; Jilter Filters are similar to filters used in normal cigarettes, although they have a hole for a cardboard tip so that you can inhale more. These filters catch quite a lot of the impurities from your smoke without reducing the amount you can inhale. We also stock ActiTube filters, which remove impurities from the smoke thanks to its active carbon. You’ll have a much cleaner experience.

If you’re the kind of person that prefers not to have to roll their joints at all, why not use pre-rolled cones? All you have to do is fill them up, pack them a bit and begin smoking! They even come with little cardboard mouthpieces. They come in various different sizes that allow you to roll the perfect joint. All of these packs come with packers that you can use to push your weed down into the cone itself.

What about when you’re smoking a joint and you have to put it out swiftly but want to save it for later? No worries, we stock our very own joint holders. These are essentially small plastic containers that are air-tight when closed – you can stick your joint or blunt inside and save it for later without sticking up the whole place. We stock opaque versions so that you can be as discreet as possible and larger see-through holders that are cheaper.

We also stock torches for lighting your hookahs or for your BHO rig. We have simple models such as the Vaponic torch, and double or triple torches that are perfect for heating nails or lighting coal for your hookah, even if it’s super windy out. For especially windy days, why not use one of our solar lighters? All you need is a bit of sun and you’re off, regardless of how windy it is! We also stock lighter holders that you can attach to your t-shirt so that nobody ever steals your lighter again.

Find the best possible smoker items in our massive catalogue – each product comes with its own full description so that you know how to use it as soon as you get it. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for!