Shishas, bongs and pipes

Shishas, bongs and pipes

Find your favorite hookah, bong or pipe  among dozens of references. Just take a look at the different subsections corresponding to the items you're after and compare the different models until you find one that meets your needs best.

In the pipes subsection you'll find dozens of models in different sizes and featuring different designs. There are small glass pipes in different sizes and colors, handmade and unique. Small glass pipes (10cm) allow you to smoke marijuana just like in a bong. The hole has to be covered while dragging but when the smoke reaches your mouth you must uncover it so that you can inhale it better. If you like glass pipes you'll appreciate the large one (35cm). It's quite an original and flashy design that will work out very well as a decorative object after using it. Other models are more exclusive, such as the "weed" or "fuck" pipes, in which the conduct of the pipe is made to shape those words.

You'll also find cooling pipes and others with the latest in bong technology, such as the Mk-108, a retractile pipe you can close once you've smoked and it doesn't let off any smell or stain your pockets. The cooling pipes come with an internal circuit which, besides filtering smoke, make it fresher by the time it reaches your mouth. It comes in several models and sizes. The most famous ones are Amazed Pipes, both Red Eye and Spliff Stick. The model called Red Eye allows us to put our cannabis in directly. You can smoke it as if it were a joint, but inside the smoke runs through a circuit in a spiral, filtering out many of the impurities. Once you're done smoking, you can easily clean it with alcohol. The model named Spliff Stick follows basically the same system but instead of putting marijuana in it directly, just pop in your joint All you'll have to do is fix a metal mouthpiece -included with the pipe- to the edge of the joint and then it'll be ready to be linked to the pipe so that the smoke is cleaned through the circuit before it's smoked.

If you prefer Bongs, we have a whole subsection dedicated to them. You'll find dozens of models in several sizes and models, both portable and tabletops. Some Bongs, despite being small -15cm- include a decent bowl that will allow you to get larger hits than some bigger models. With regards to design, you'll find marijuana leaf designed bongs in several sizes and materials. In terms of shape and material, the most typical bongs are the ones made out of glass. However, we also have American-style and even some models made out of bamboo.

If you're one of those people who always take their bong with them, we have a special model for you that comes with its transportation  case.  We also have very innovative models with several hoses so which allow several smokers to smoke at the same time from the same bowl. The model called Bong Mask is another of our classic items and cannot be missed in any party. Finally, there's another remarkable model called Water Puff. It consists of a universal pipe that can be attached to any plastic bottle and turned into a Bong immediately.

There is also a special subsection dedicated to Hookahs and shishas for smokers of flavored tobacco, although they can also be used with marijuana and hash. You'll find different models made by hand, all with a unique design. There are small models (25cm) for those smokers who use it on a daily basis and don't wish to clean a bigger and more cumbersome one. Medium models (47 or 51cm) can be used daily or employed as decoration. Finally, larger models (57cm) are normally used on important occasions, when your friends come round and you feel like a good smoke together. They'll allow two people to smoke at once.

If you break the bowl by mistake you can get spare parts so that you can keep on using your hookah with no problem. There are regular bowls for shishas and also models including a separation wall which divides the bowl in two different compartments, enabling space for two different flavors. We also sell individual plastic mouthpieces for hoses so that you don't have to smoke from where everybody has already dragged (since sometimes there's a bit drool or spit on them). At you'll also find flavored tobacco and charcoal so that you can light on your shisha and smoke at ease. Nothing has been missed on our hookahs and shishas section.

In short, if you're looking for a good item with which to enjoy your weed you can be sure of finding it among our large selection of articles. Besides displaying a great selection of hookahs, pipes and bongs you can buy them at incredible prices since we enjoy offers and discounts. Bongs are one of the favorite products of smokers and this section is very popular thanks to our incredibly affordable prices.

As always, every product comes with a detailed description where we explain their qualities such as the thickness or resistance of the glass or the size of the bowl.