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Neoprene Clone Collars

Neoprene Clone Collars

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General Hydroponics products

General Hydroponics products

GHE General Hydroponics systems are some of the most trustworthy hydroponic systems on the market right now. The Dutch Pot is one of their innovative and more famous hydroponics systems, used by cannabis growers all over the world as their first ever adventure into hydroponic or aeroponic growing.

These growing systems are truly simple to use, and if you’ve never used them before you’ll be up and running before you know it. These systems essentially recirculate water with nutrients around your plants roots continuously, so they’re never missing out on anything.

Their famous Dutch Pot Hydro is one of the most used systems by both beginners and professionals. It’s essentially a tank and a growing table on which to place your clay-filled flowerpots. A pump pushes water up onto the table and towards your plants’ pots, which will begin trickling the water down the clay and through their roots, going back into the tank ready to go again. You’ll be able to grow some truly incredible plants with enormous yields like you’ve never seen before.

We also have a cheaper version of the Dutch Pot called the Panda Hydro. It’s the same system but only fits 8 plants. Just like the Dutch Pot, there is an aeroponic version of it that you can grow up to 40 clones.

We also have a Dutch Pot Aero system that’s designed for growing clones. You can grow up to 60 clones in one square meter, increasing yield quite a lot when compared to growing the same amount of clones and the amount of space it would take to do so. Air pumps push the nutrient solution and water to sprinklers that are just under your plants roots, which are out of the light. They’ll receive a thin spray of water constantly, allowing for plenty of oxygen which translates into larger yields.

If you want to start off a bit slower, we have the Water Farm and Aqua Farm, which is just one pot with a hydroponic circulation system attached. The pot has a tank underneath it, where the water is stored, and a pump that pushes the water up through a tube, waters your plants and filters down to the tank again. These types of pots are perfect for maintaining mother plants, giving them specific nutrients and keeping them under control at all times.

Aero Farm is just like Aqua farm, but with an aeroponic system which has sprinklers instead of a pump. These systems are great for trying aeroponics out for the first time, learning about pH and EC, which is needed when growing in aquatic media.

Growers that have large amounts of plants can get their hands on the Aeroflo, an aeroponic system that, instead of a flowerpot, has a sort of rail through which the water is deposited to the lower level where the roots are. This causes your plants roots to grow down a lot more, increasing vertical growth. Keep in mind that this system is only apt for rooted clones that you’re flipping to flower in no time, it cannot hold very large plants, but it does increase bud size using this method quite a lot.

If you’re looking for a quality hydroponic or aeroponic system, this is the page for you. General Hydroponics has something for everyone.