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Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds Feminized Cannabis Strains

Wide Range of Affordable Cannabis Seeds

Advanced Seeds is a seed bank with a large range of strains on offer from all kinds of genes and flavors, at some of the best prices around. Any grower can acquire and appreciate these top-quality seeds that have a whole lot of work put into them.

Productive, delicious Advanced Seeds strains

They have strains such as Critical Soma, a strain that combines Critical’s extreme flowering and Somango’s amazingly sweet, fruity flavor. This plant is indica-shaped, and it has a fast flowering period, rewarding growers with dense and hard buds that have elevating and energetic effects. Indoors, this strain grows out a nice central cola of buds, perfect for placing around 9 per square meter. Outdoors, this plant can grow around two meters tall with long and heavy branches that you’ll need to train. Wherever you decide to plant this beauty, you’ll have one of those weeds that will ensure you’re the center of attention for quite a while.

Afghan Skunk is one of this bank’s most-grown success stories – it’s a strong plants that’s pretty easy to grow. Even if you’re a beginner you’ll be able to get amazing yields from this plant, as it has much more resistance to pests and fungi than other plants, making it harder for any issues to suddenly appear. With just a few regular fertilizer dosages and some natural preventive measures such as propolyx or neem oil, you can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors; indoors you’ll have quick marijuana that’s resinous and sticky, and outdoors this plant makes for a great plant that doesn’t need to be checked on every single day of the grow.

Strong cannabis strains

If you live somewhere very warm and you can allow for it, Black Diesel is one of this banks stars. It’s sativa-dominant and comes from a meticulous New York Diesel selection. This plant is strong and has strong branches to go with it, that’ll grow at around a 20º angle, almost alongside the main stem, until it begins flowering. You’ll get some amazing long and resinous buds, full of fruity and citric aromas with an intoxicating mental effect. The only issue with this strain is that it has practically no resistance to fungi, so we highly recommend hot climates.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it here at Advanced Seeds. They’re at an amazing price, and we have permanent discounts on all seeds so that you can get the absolute best.