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Sweet Seeds Auto

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Sweet Seeds Auto

Sweet Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Sweet Seeds | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Seeds has made autoflowering versions of most of their cannabis strains, as well as creating completely new autoflowering strains, like Big Devil XL, using third and fourth generation seeds that have absolutely nothing to do with the old auto strains which hardly managed to get up off the ground. Sweet Seeds also has extremely fast autoflowering strains that take just 2 months to be ready like Fast Bud and other flavorful strains like Cream Caramel.

Large range of autoflowering sweet seeds strains

One of our favorite Sweet Seeds Auto strains is Sweet Skunk Auto. This strain is capable of being ready just 60 days after germination and rewards growers with nicely structured plants and a high yield. Its buds are hard, compact and very resinous; you can easily get up to 30-40g per plant. Its flavors are strongly earthy, which can be cough-inducing, and its effect is extremely relaxing. If you’re looking for a potent Sweet Skunk Auto, then this strain might end up being your favorite.

High-yielding XL Cannabis Strains

Another amazing strain is Bid Devil XL, and while it takes 3 months to be ready after germination instead of 2 like most others, its yield will definitely make up for the difference. This strain has a sweet, incensed, pleasing taste combined with a smooth effect that allows you to smoke and go about your daily business. These plants grow tall and robust, around 1.2m tall and rather wide, filling your one meter squared slot with 4 plants. These plants take food on relatively well and don’t tend to cause many issues, so this strain is perfect for beginners that want an autoflowering strain that isn’t going to be tiny, and that’ll be ready to smoke without having to wait out the entire season.

Cream Caramel Auto is another of our favorites thanks to its unbeatable earthy, sweet flavor and its high quantity of resin, making this strain perfect for making extracts from leftovers. This strain makes for small plants with decent bud-filled heads, although most of the yield is concentrated in the apical bud. It lets off an intoxicating aroma that will have you wishing for harvest day to come, which should take more or less 60 days after germinating your seeds.

The fastest autoflowering cannabis strains

You can also get classic strains as autoflowering versions like Mohan Ram Auto. This strain grows into a similar structure as the original seasonal version, although it will be ready in a record breaking 2 months after germination. Its sweet incensed taste and relaxing effect make this strain extremely similar to the feminized seasonal version; the difference is in the fact that it only takes 8 weeks to be ready.

If you’re looking for a strain that gives a mental, brainy high then Green Poison Auto is the strain for you. This strain offers up an extremely strong head effect, making you feel like your brain is rattling around in there. These plants grow big with long branches, making it look like a seasonal plant. This strain’s buds grow out in long, hard heads, and more or less thick depending on how it’s grown. This means that based on how this strain is grown you’ll get more or less 100g per plant. You can get the most out of this strain by growing it mid-summer, in the ground and with a decent range of fertilizers.

Sweet Seeds Auto | Wide Range of Flavors and Effects

Cream Mandarine XL is a high-yielding strain with which you can get a better production rate than with its sister strain without having to wait more time between germination and harvest. This strain offers up fruity and citric tastes, very similar to mandarins in as far as sweet and sourness, which is where it got its name. It grows to about 120cm tall and can give up to 200g outdoors if planted in the ground around the middle of summer.

If you’re looking for eye-catching plants, then have a look at the Red Family collection where you’ll find some eye-catching strains with purple and red hues to them. One of the strains that stands out the most is Red Poison Auto, a resinous and flavorful strain that offers a fruity, hash-like taste. These plants grow short, around 70cm tall, but can easily produce over 50-60g, so if you decide to grow this strain indoors do not place more than 9 plants per square meter.

Weather resistant cannabis strains

Black Cream Auto is another strain with red tones to it, combined with an authentic, earthy Cream Caramel taste that is easily camouflageable due to its red hues. This strain is perfect for growers that want discreet plants on their balcony or terrace where nobody would suspect these colorful plants of being marijuana. Your plants will be ready in just 60 days, getting up to 50-60g per plant. Try and not plant this strain in cold and humid climates, as it’s more susceptible than other autoflowering strains.

Dark Devil is another Red Family strain; it’s an exceptionally vigorous hybrid that has an extremely attractive coloring to it. These plants grow thick branches and trunks, making for a very strong structure. Once they begin to flower you’ll be able to appreciate this strain's characteristic purple hues, and once the bud is dry it’ll get even darker. It has a variety of sweet tones to it, and its effect is an active, pleasing one. This weed is perfect for those that smoke all day, as it won’t have a negative impact on your day to day business.

Sweet Seeds Auto Catalogue

Whatever you’re looking for in an autoflowering strain, be it flavor or any other characteristic, you’re guaranteed to find it in Sweet Seeds’ autoflowering seeds catalogue. To make it easier for you, each strain has a detailed description written by our team where we explain how to grow indoors and outdoors, as well as the effect and the taste that you can expect from each strain. Every strain also comes with a discount, so that you can plant the best quality seeds at the best prices.