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White Russian Auto cannabis plant

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Serious Seeds Auto

Dutch Autoflowering Strains by Serious Seeds

Seeds by Serious Seeds are guaranteed to be a success. You can find the most potent autoflowering seeds in this Dutch seed bank, one of the most famous seed banks. Serious Seeds has just launched their very own autoflowering line with which you’ll be able to obtain fast harvests both indoors and outdoors.

Right now, this bank only has one autoflowering strain; White Russian Auto. This strain has a 100% indica ancestry, and it will reward growers with hefty, potent and resinous plants just 80 days after germinating your seeds. Until now, if you wanted potent strains then you’d have to wait to plant seasonally outdoors or set up an indoor grow due to the fact that there was no available option to get a real White Russian to flower so fast.

The best Dutch autoflowering seed by Serious Seeds

This strain grows out tall with long branches that open up as they gain weight during the flowering period. The density and high quantity of resin in this strain makes its buds (which are slightly more open than those of the seasonal version) acquire a hefty weight for their size. This means that when you go to roll a joint with a small bud, it will open up so much that it’ll seem like you were using a rather large one.

Grown both indoors and outdoors

You can grow this strain both indoors and out, although it’s perfect for outdoor growers, who won’t have to wait as much to get a top quality harvest. Furthermore, if grown in the sun the cannabinoids in this strain will be activated by the potent UV rays, making for an even higher quality if possible.

Just like all autoflowering strains, what this strain loves the most is being under the heat of the sun, which is where it will do the best it can. If you live in a cold area then you should either wait until it heats up or grow this strain indoors under grow lights.

White Russian Auto Strain Properties

You can get up to 90g per plant, rewarding growers with citric and sweet flavors that will fill your mouth up, a real treat for the palate. This strain is one of the highest quality autoflowering plants on the market in as far as potency. Now, you can buy it here in our catalogue at an unbeatable price due to the discounts we have applied to all Serious Seeds packs on our website.