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Positronics Auto

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Positronics Auto

Positronics Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Strains by Positronics

You can now get Positronics most famous strains, available in autoflowering format. These autoflowering seeds will undoubtedly impress you, making you come back for more, although every single strain by this seed bank is amazing and you should try each one at least once. Positronics seeds go through an extensive quality-control, meaning that they hardly ever fail to germinate correctly. That, combined with our experience here at, practically guarantees a successful germination.

Some of Positronics' Best Strains

Critical Express is one of the most demanded strains here at Positronics due to how fast and productive it is both indoors and outdoors. This strain produces thick, dense buds and takes only 70 days to be ready for harvest after germination. It has a relaxing, narcotic effect, making it perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. It has a citric but sweet flavor that almost any smoker will find delicious. It isn’t hard to grow at all; all it needs is a warm environment, some decent fertilizers and regular watering.

Afghan Express is a strain that rewards growers with a high yield, although instead of taking two months it takes almost three. The plants you get from this strain will be much bigger than those of other autoflowering strains, meaning that you’ll need fewer plants to get the hefty buds you want. Outdoors, this plant does best during the hottest months of summer, giving up to 120g per plant. It has a sweet hash taste and a relaxing effect, which is to be expected due to its indica genes.

Autoflowering strains ready in 60 days

MayDay is a strain that will be ready just 65 days after germination, rewarding growers with small but powerful plants. This strain is ideal for those who want more of an active effect from their bud; this strain gives quite a euphoric effect. It has a sweet taste, and some people say it has a lemony, fruity taste. This plant likes the heat, and won’t turn out too well if you plant it in unfavorable climates.

Super Cheese is a strain that gives both a physical and mentally relaxing effect combined with strong flavors that will invade even the most experienced smokers’ lungs. This plant is quite eye-catching due to its high levels of resin and the shape of its buds, which look like little horns without any pistils towards the end of the flowering period. You can already see how powerful this bud is just by looking it, but the proof is in the pudding. In just 65 days you’ll get up to 75g per plant, which is incredibly decent for a 2 month autoflowering strain.

Large yields from Postronics Seeds

If you’re looking for higher yields you can find Critical #47 Express here at Positronics; this plant grows strong and large, capable of giving up to 100g in just 65 days. It has strong branches and a resistant trunk inherited from AK 47, and its flowers are dense and hard with typical citric Critical flavors, making this strain the perfect fusion for both indoor and outdoor growers. It can grow to up to 1.2m, meaning that although its tall you can grow it under grow lights without any issues.

Amazing flavors and intense psychoactive effects

If you’re looking for an incensed strain, look no further because Positronics has the perfect autoflowering strain for you; Northern Haze Express. Your plants will be ready just 80 days after germinating the seeds, producing up to 120g per plant. You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors, although it does better in outdoor areas. The branches it grows are short and close to the main trunk, which slowly separate as the flowers grow and add weight, allowing light to reach the branches fully, therefore creating more flowers and buds. Its high quantity of sticky resin and Haze flavors make this strain the perfect choice for those that love that old-church smell.

Find your favorite strain in Positronics autoflowering strain catalogue; we’re certain that you’ll get a hefty, abundant harvest. All of their seeds are here on our online catalogue with permanent discounts applied, meaning that you’ll get the best strains for the best price. To make your choice just read the description of each one that we personally wrote; you can find out how it grows, its taste and its effect in our extremely in-depth descriptions.