Critical + 2.0
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Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0

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Critical + 2.0

Critical+ 2.0 is a strain that was born from crossing a Critical+ with another Critical+ phenotype that’s more resistant to humidity, making this a real catch.


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Product description

Critical+ 2.0 is a brand new Critical+, designed for growers that live somewhere with unfortunate climates. This plant is fast and productive that has a high resistance to fungi and rot. Due to having such dense buds, the original strain could only really be grown indoors. Now, whatever climate you have wherever you live, you can easily grow this delicious strain.

Indoors, these plants grow tall and thin with a few branches that grow upwards, close to the central stem. You can grow them various different ways; one way is setting them to 12/12h in 7L flowerpots straight after germination, where you can plant16 plants per square meter and they’ll grow beautiful central calyxes. If you use a 12/12h time period from the start you’re going to need to train the plants so that they can produce much more yield. Another way to grow them is by placing 9 plants and growing them for 25 days before flipping them to flower – this allows them to grow more branches which in turn mean more yield. After just 50-55 days your plants should be ready to harvest, rewarding you with up to 600g per square meter under a 600w grow light, which is amazing considering how short a flowering period it has.

Outdoors these plants are quite eye-catching, especially when they’re flowering. Due to having a structure which allows sunlight to reach all parts of the plant, it will grow many more flowers and opening up towards the sides without actually breaking the branches; they’re rather strong. These plants grow long central stems with branches that grow upwards, stuck to the central stem until they begin growing flowers which weigh them down a bit – the branches will grow long colas of heavy buds. If you’re in the right climate, it won’t grow too many leaves, making trimming much easier. It should be ready towards the end of September, rewarding you with 1.2kg seasonal plants under the right conditions.

It has a beautiful citric, sweet flavor that can sometimes taste incensed. Its physically relaxing effect is perfect for putting your feet up after a long, hard day at work.

ATTENTION: packets of 25 units are sent on request in 48/72h

  • Sativa/Indica: 30/70%
  • Flowering: 7-8 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.4m indoors, 1.5-2m outdoors.

Data sheet

  • Flavor - Sweet
  • Climate - Cold
  • Effect - Sleep-inducing relaxant
  • Genotype - Mostly Indica

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Juan m

buena variedad pero mui sobrevalorada no os espereis ver enanos

mi ultimo cultivo de interior de esta variedad fue hace 2 meses y la estoy aun fumando aora y es una variedad buena pero tampoco tan tan tan buena para mi parecer es una planta buena pero q no te va dar ninguna sorpresa tampoco como un colocon bestial ni nada q sobrepase la media tampoco es tan rapida como la pintan ya que tenia 3 channel + delado y acabaron 1 semana antes y me la fume mucho mas rapido estaba para mi gusto mucho mejor channel + la volvere a plantar seguro. y eso de resistente a la humedad tampoco esta tan claro ya que de las 10,3 tube que tirar la cabeza q es casi toda su produccion,y de resina yo la calificaria de media.....muchos creo q vuelva a plantatar una critical en mucho tiempo ya q es aburridisimo.....eso si para dormir va fenomenal jejejeje buenos humos


    Critican 2.0

    Espero que sean geniales las pille para probar por qué un colega se encaprichó pero ya probé la crítical 47 y es bestial así que espero lo mismo o mas


      Nueva formula

      Planta con mayor vigorosidad y potencia, una delicia. Saludos!

        Andres I

        Crítical al cubo

        Impresionante calidad y producción

          ERIK V

          toooma ya


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            Critical + 2.0

            Critical + 2.0

            Critical+ 2.0 is a strain that was born from crossing a Critical+ with another Critical+ phenotype that’s more resistant to humidity, making this a real catch.

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