Substrates with Fertilizers for Cannabis

Substrates with fertilizers for cannabis are mixtures that help your plants start off as good as they possibly can in regards to growth; they won’t need fertilizing during the entire first month, and there are even substrates that are prepared with fatteners for flowering or for transplanting clones that are being set straight to flower.

Fertilized substrates can sometimes allow us to not have to mix fertilizers in our water, saving staining and whatnot, but to use them correctly you need to know which one you need or else you might end up using a flowering substrate for the veg period or vice versa, and some substrates are rich in micronutrients and you need to fertilize after a month or two. In this article we’re going to talk about some of the best substrates that we’re selling on our webpage so you know exactly what you’re buying and what it’s used for.

If you choose the right substrate for your grow, your plants will be healthier and give a higher yield. There are more humid substrates, those that have a medium retention and those that hardly retain any humidity. You can also modify them to adapt them to your land; if they have a high level of liquid retention mix in some perlite to make it more airy, and if it has a low level of retention then you can add vermiculite so that it retains more water and is easier to soak.

Fertilized substrates available on our webpage:

Substrates with Fertilizers for CannabisComplete mix by Top Crop

This substrate comes prepared with worm humus that gives your plants nitrogen and helps during the growth phase and the formation of roots from the first day. It has a medium humidity retention level. It’s quite airy so that your plants’ roots can stay healthy for longer, as it takes a while in compacting.

If you want to germinate your seeds and don’t want to be giving it anything more than water during their first month of life then you should pick this substrate, in which they’ll grow as fast as possible. Thanks to its low price it’s one of our most bought products, and once you’ve tried it you might not want to try a different one thanks to its quality. As a personal recommendation, let it dry a lot before watering again.

Heavy Mix by Top Crop

Substrates with Fertilizers for CannabisHeavy Mix by Top Crop is a substrate that is fertilized for the flowering phase of your cannabis plants. It contains volcano lava that helps your plants prepare against issues like pests, heat and wind. It reinforces the cell walls and makes the branches and trunk much stronger, as well as giving them a much more lively green color.

It also contains bat guano which can help your buds during the fatenning phase due to its extra helping of phosphorus and potassium when they most need it. Once watered they active components in the substrate will be activated and your plants will begin reaping the benefits.

This substrate is ideal for planting clones and setting them straight to flower, as well as the fact that it gives your plants a flowering base from the beginning to the end of your crop, or for when you transplant your plants from indoors to outdoors when switching to the flowering period, giving them the necessary nutrients for each phase. It has a medium humidity retention level, so you’ll need to be careful when watering and make sure that you don’t overdo it if you don’t want to spend a couple of weeks without watering at all.

All Mix by BioBizzSubstrates with Fertilizers for Cannabis

This substrate retains quite a lot of humidity, so it’s ideal for areas with a lot of sun or for indoor grows in which substrates tend to dry out quite quickly. It comes fertilized with organic fertilizers for the growth period, so you won’t need to fertilize at all for the first month, month and a half.

Once you switch to flowering you’re going to need a flowering base like Top Bloom and a fattener that you can use in liquid, or bat guan for the flowering months. You’ll need to use it correctly without soaking the substrate too much or it might take a while to dry at the beginning of your plants life, and if you use too much you might actually kill off your seeds with excess humidity.

If treated properly this substrate is one of the best substrates for cannabis growers as it helps quite a lot thanks to not having to fertilize at all. It retains quite a nice quantity of water, so you don’t have to be on top of them all the time in case they dry out. If you like this substrate for your grow but it’s too humid then you can just mix it with some perlite so that it’s more airy and it dries out more efficiently.

All mix by Plagron

Substrates with Fertilizers for CannabisThe All Mix substrate by Plagron is one of the most nutrient-rich substrates; all you need to do is give your grow water for the entire process and your harvest will be ready, although you can get a higher yield if you use flowering stimulators once the growth period has begun.

All of the ingredients are biologic, meaning that your yield will be absolutely top-quality, with some amazing flavors and aromas.

You can add some guano at the start of the flowering period so that once it’s been flowering for around a month it can start absorbing it, and all you’ll need is water to keep your crop happy until the harvest. This is perfect for grows that use a hose for watering or for drip irrigation systems that come straight from the tap as you don’t need to worry about mixing in fertilizers thanks to the substrate.

Plagron Royalty Mix

Substrates with Fertilizers for CannabisThis substrate is practically alive, and is activated through watering and keeping it at a temperature of around 20º. Its components will give your plants more vitality, and they’ll only need water with a correct pH level during the entire process indoors to reward growers with abundant yields without the need for extra fertilizers.

All of the fertilizers and components in this substrate come from natural elements; the base of its composition is made from the best kinds of peat mixed up to give a nice and spongy medium that has a medium humidity retention capacity, where cannabis roots can grow and develop to their maximum potential.

Your plants will grow as they’ve never grown, and you’ll have a completely natural yield with the best flavor and aroma around by just watering your plants; it couldn’t be easier if you tried.


So, here you have it for the list of the best substrates with fertilizers for cannabis available on our webpage. Now you know exactly what you’re buying, what you need and how to use it correctly, before you’ve even bought it! If you have any questions or want information on substrates that aren’t included in this list, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translator: Ciara Murphy