Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice Critical

Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice CriticalCritical by Mr. Nice is a productive strain that gives amazing results in any medium, especially indoors where it gives an amazing yield in small spaces. It comes from a productive Big Bud crossed with a Skunk#1 phenotype, known for its sweet smell. The result is a strain that has become indispensable for commercial growers due how hefty its yield is and its extremely fast flowering period. Its open structure makes it very easy to obtain cuttings from, so getting a mother plant from Critical by Mr. Nice is the perfect thing to do. Its genes make this plant rather strong, meaning that it will hardly notice when you cut a branch or stem off, and its roots grow easily; you should have healthy cuttings in about 10 days.Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice Critical

To get cuttings from your plant you’ll need a rooting hormone, a shot glass, a paint brush, a knife, a spray bottle, a hygrometer, 0.4L flower pots, substrate, a propagator and a small, fully lit grow tent.

Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice CriticalYou’ll need to choose a branch that has at least one node so that it can root successfully.  You should cut a few centimeters above the stalk at a 45º angle, so that the cut edge looks like the mouthpiece on a flute. Once you’ve cut it, use the knife to scrape upwards towards the first node so that you can get rid of the protective stem covering. Many people complain about their cuttings dying off, and this is usually because they scrape too much and end up removing the cells that are in charge of rooting. All you have to do is remove about 2mm from the end of the branch, although if you’re unsure we recommend that you don’t do it at all (if you don’t scrape it, it’ll just take longer to root, whereas if you scrape it and scrape too much it won’t root at all and it will die).

Fill up the glass (we recommend using a shot glass because you only need a little bit, and any leftover liquid can’t be put back in the bottle) with your rooting hormone, and brush it onto the entire cutting with the paint brush (never put your cuttings directly into the glass; the formula has micro life in it and it might lose its effect).

You need to use 0.4L flowerpots for your cuttings to get their bearings. Wet the substrate a bit, not too much, and make a hole in the middle of the pot with your finger, just enough to bury your cutting up until the first node.

Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice CriticalThe next step is to spray water on your cuttings’ leaves to later put them in the propagator. You’ll need to do all of the steps cutting by cutting to maintain a humidity level of 90%, which you’ll need to control with a hygrometer. Remember, humidifying your plants isn’t the same as wetting them; if the soil is soaked or water gets to the bottom of the propagator, your plants won’t grow the same or they might even die off.

You’ll need to give them 18h of light a day while keeping the humidity at 90%. The next day when you go to check on your cuttings, the lid should be entirely foggedGetting a mother plant from Mr. Nice Critical up with humidity, so you’ll need to take it off and dry it with a towel, giving your clone plants a couple of minutes of fresh air. On the third day you’ll have to spray them again, one by one; remember that you need to take them out of the propagator to do this. The next day the lid should be wet again, and this time you’ll need to take all of the cuttings out and dry both the lid and the bottom of the propagator.

On the 5th day you’ll have to repeat the spray process, removing the cuttings and spraying them one by one to make sure that no water gets into the bottom of the propagator. On the 6th day you’ll need to dry the lid and the bottom again, but this time when you close the lid you’ll have to leave the propagator’s windows open for 25-30 minutes. The next day your clones will have begun developing roots, meaning they’ll have gotten a bit bigger when you go to check on them. You’ll have to spray them again one by one, and this time you can leave the windows open for up to 2 hours.
On the 8th day open the lid to ventilate for a couple of minutes, and it should be less humid but you still have to dry it out completely.

Now it’s time to force your clones to get used to the climate outside the propagator, so you can leave the windows open for 6 hours. On the 9th day your plants will need their last spray, one by one, and this time you can leave the windows open for up to 18h. On the 10th day your plants should have somewhat formed roots, so you can remove the lid and water any pots that have gone dry.

Getting a mother plant from Mr. Nice CriticalDuring the next few days you’ll have to water them just enough so that the soil stays humid, forcing the roots to look for water; in 4 or 5 days max, your clones should be ready to transplant.

This process is a delicate one and even a minor error could cause your clones to die, so if you plan on doing this we recommend that you be completely dedicated, because it requires a lot of attention. If you do everything perfectly, you’ll get amazing clones that’ll work well both indoors and outdoors.

Translation: Ciara Murphy