Free Flower Power Fertilizers

This September we’re continuing our string of 2018 promos, giving away one of the most innovative fertilizing products of the year; Flower Power are a company dedicated to making simple, affordable and highly efficient fertilizers. Flower Power has a full fertilizer range that you can use to give your plants the necessary nutrients and then some, achieving professional results even with little experience. Thanks to this new collaboration, we’ll be giving away free Flower Power fertilizers from the 10th to the 16th of September with all purchases over 30€ in both shops and online.

Flower Power has a simple chart containing only five fertilizers which are capable of feeding your plants during their entire cycle, increasing yield and quality by a lot. All of their fertilizers are in powder format and they come in plastic zip-locked sachets so that you can close them again, keeping them nice and fresh.

Start (Inicio)

This fertilizer is quite innovative when it comes to cannabis growing; many brands recommend to start feeding your plants nutrients from the third week onwards, as they’re much too weak to handle anything strong during the first two. However, Start is specifically designed to boost your plants’ growth during those first two weeks. It’s made out of completely natural ingredients and it also includes probiotics and beneficial bacteria. It can also be used after re-potting your plants or for growing clones, giving your plants the energy they need to avoid getting stressed out.

  • NPK 11-40-13free flower power fertilizers

Grow (Crecimiento)

This fertilizer is designed specifically for the growth period, and it causes your plants to grow both faster and stronger. It has quite a high content of nitrogen and potassium; nitrogen is one of the elements that cannabis plants (and most other plants) need to grow properly, as it helps them to increase the thickness of their cells, making them much stronger and less-likely to get ill. It also increases thickness, height, and branch strength. Potassium is an element that’s extremely important during the entire growing period, as it stimulates protein yield which accelerates your plants internal processes.

  • NPK: 19-5-20

free flower power fertilizersFlower (Floración)

Flower was designed to maximize yield during the flowering period, guaranteeing the best possible results and avoiding any sort of deficiencies during the flowering period. This fertilizer also has quite a lot of Nitrogen in it, although it has double the potassium and a lot less phosphorus. Nitrogen is in charge of increasing your plants’ strength and creating more branches, whereas phosphorus and potassium are used to increase the amount of flowers and then their size. When sued during the flowering period, your plants will reward you with amazing, healthy and strong flowers.

  • NPK: 15-6-30Free Flower Power Fertilizers


Boost was created in order to increase bud size and density; it basically increases the final weight of your yield. It has high phosphorus and potassium levels, making the flowers bigger from the inside out. This product also includes a high amount of secondary elements that increase your plants’ natural capacity to produce sugars, increasing resin levels and flavor.

  • NPK: 0-27-27Free Flower Power Fertilizers


This is the only fertilizer by Flower Power that is designed to be applied by spraying it on your plants’ leaves. This formula is absorbed up to 10 times faster than other fertilizer used when watering. When sprayed you can reduce the amount of salt residues that end up in the substrate, too. Foliar gives your plants a series of fast-absorbed nutrients that maximize how much your plants can feed, allowing them to start flowering at full power. It’s used from the third week onwards once a week until the second flowering a week – if you spray your plants when they’ve flowered you can cause excess humidity which can cause fungi and rot.Free Flower Power Fertilizers

With these five fertilizers you’re guaranteed large yields from beautifully healthy plants that grow energetically.

[All Flower Power products purchased on our website come in Spanish packaging]