On April 20th 2017, world cannabis day, Wiz Khalifa’s video game about growing cannabis was released. The rapper assures that the game is addictive, even comparing it with Pokémon saying that it’s even more addictive and that even he can’t stop playing.

Wiz Khalifa's new video game

The game consists in setting up your own marijuana farm where you grow your own plants, harvest them and sell them. Its theme is due to the new market that is opening up thanks to the cannabis industry, where new jobs are being created all the time whether they’re taking care of, harvesting, planting or even selling plants to dispensaries. This revolutionary business caused the birth of companies, and as demand increases so does their number. With this slight criticism, they’re trying to get people to see that using cannabis nowadays is completely normal, and we’re living in a society where more and more people are openly smoking this marvelous plant. The developers have announced that in possible updates they might introduce the option to export your cannabis out of the country, creating an international market.

Wiz Khalifa's new video game

Metamoki developed this game, a mobile videogame development company with whom Wiz Khalifa has planned a few surprises. This isn’t the first time that Wiz Khalifa has taken advantage of his image to promote products related to marijuana like the rolling trays that he made with Raw, which you can find in our catalogue.

The rapper is well known for appearing in public smoking cannabis, and in all of his video clips, lyrics or public appearances cannabis is usually the main theme. He’s part of the new generation of rappers that follow in the footsteps of stars like B-Real and Snoop Dog, recording himself carrying gigantic bags of marijuana or rolling gigantic joints for the camera. He also owns his own marijuana dispensary, so he’s on the ground floor of the market, although he has admitted that marijuana is his passion and not just a way to earn money.

Wiz Khalifa's new video game

April 20th has been named international cannabis day because, as many consumers around the globe are aware, 420 is a number that represents cannabis. This is due to something that happened back in 1971; a group of Californian students started meeting up in front of the Louis Pasteur statue every day to smoke marijuana. They finished class at 15:10 but because of after school activities they couldn’t leave until 16:00. Thanks to those students, the time and date became famous all over America and the world, making 4/20 world cannabis day.

We hope the game manages to somehow get cannabis to be seen as normal instead of evil, which still happens in a lot of places. The idea is that the game reaches as much people as possible and that it helps people understand that there’s nothing wrong with cannabis, and that the people that smoke aren’t delinquents or drug addicts, just people that want to enjoy their favorite plant medicinally or recreationally.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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