White or Black Flowerpots?

Many people tend to stick to the same old normal black flowerpots when they grow simply because they don’t know that the color of the pot can greatly influence your plants. In this article we’re going to deal with when you should use white or black flowerpots and what characteristics each color has.

White or Black Flowerpots?

As you have probably already noticed, many materials used in growing tend to be white, and it’s all to do with light reflection. Indoor grow tents have white reflective walls so that the lamp or bulb’s light is reflected back onto the plants, and you can also use white reflective paper in grow rooms on a large scale. So, if white reflective walls are used in this sense, it makes sense that white flowerpots are used to reflect light, right?

Black material is known for absorbing light and heating up. Basically, black flowerpots absorb all of the sun or light’s energy, which in turn heats up the flowerpot.

Sometimes the heat is good for cannabis plant roots and sometimes it isn’t, so you’re going to need to know when it’s best to use white or black flowerpots.

Indoors, it would be a bit useless to use white flowerpots as after a few days of growth the light will hardly reach the flowerpot, so the roots won’t heat up and your grow won’t be affected. Honestly, for indoor grows you can use both black and white flowerpots and there will be absolutely no difference.

However, this changes when growing outdoors; if you’re growing in the winter you might benefit from black flowerpots as they will help keep the roots warm, meaning that your plants will keep feeding as usual.

White or Black Flowerpots?If you’re growing seasonal plants and they’re going to be in the sun practically all day then you should definitely use white flowerpots so the roots don’t heat up too much and get stressed due to high temperatures. If you use black flowerpots and the sun’s strong you’ll end up boiling the roots in the pot, which would then lead to rot.

Keep in mind that the color of the pot has nothing to do with whether it should be used indoors or outdoors; indoors you can use both, and outdoors if you want to heat the roots up you should use black flowerpots and then white flowerpots if you need to keep the roots from getting too hot.

Also, you can obviously get different sized flowerpots that will suit your needs, and the best way to grow seasonal plants is to transplant them every now and then so that their root systems can grow out nice and strong. We have an article on why and how to transplant your plants, so go give it a look! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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