Due to the high demand of cannabis products nowadays, some companies have created synthetic marijuana, although it contains 0% of cannabis, and they have very little in common.

Synthetic marijuana is causing major consumption problems and it is mainly for sale through the internet. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that  it is undetectable for medical, military, traffic or routine drug testing controls. Users consider this a great advantage, along with how easy it is to purchase it. However, such users are unaware of the great risk synthetic marijuana poses to their health.

Synthetic marijuana as a cannabis legal alternative

Cannabis buds have nothing in common with this substance. It emerged trying to create a legal alternative to cannabis; but it turns out that it causes devastating effects and consequences. This fake weed has different names such as synthetic marijuana, K2, spice or fish.

Its effects are 10 times stronger than those produced by cannabis and it also causes huge addiction among its users. As a consequence, young people between the ages of 14-24 years old are suffering serious addiction problems. This brings on mental health issues that are, in some cases, even causing death.

spice synthetic marijuana

Cannabis Sativa on the other hand, is full of beneficial properties. Its consumption wasn’t accepted for a long time, but plenty of studies prove that it holds therapeutic benefits and that it provides relief to certain medical conditions. 

Cannabis itself can not cause an overdose, regardless of the amount consumed. Although it can cause certain mental issues that can be health dangerous, nobody has ever died directly from cannabis consumption

Its use for recreational purposes is becoming more socially accepted. Although smoking is obviously not healthy due to CO2 inhalation; there are other ways of consumption that don’t imply smoking, such as vaping or oils.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find THC-free Cannabis Sativa strains that produce therapeutic benefits without any psychoactive effects. If consumed responsibly and using harmless methods, they have no contraindication for users.

What is synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is mainly manufactured in China. These synthetic cannabinoids see the light in clandestine laboratories by mixing extremely harmful chemical substances. They don’t undergo through any quality controls. These substances come in powder form and dilute in water to spray them over any vegetable looking matter of dubious origin. Some of its effects include hallucinations. aggressiveness, seizures, delirium, psychotic episodes or hearth arrhythmia, among others. It can cause serious brain damage, especially among young consumers, as their brain is still developing.

Traces of these substances were found in vape liquids and CBD gummies. This happened in the USA, where there is an ongoing battle against drugs of dubious origins.

synthetic marijuana package

Synthetic marijuana on the internet

If you search for synthetic marijuana on the internet, you are going to find more than 150,000 results. Most of them are catastrophic news relating it to serious health issues.

While writing this post, we found a web that sells this product under the name of clear K2 incense spray (SPICE). Reading the product’s description, it is obvious that they are selling “synthetic cannabinoids” mixed with other substances that create a toxic and very harmful cocktail.

Formats in which you can find these substances

After doing a bit of research, we found out that the format that impregnates this cocktail of toxic substances changes throughout the years in order to avoid authorities detection.

Synthetic marijuana format: This is the most extended format. Opaque 5 cm x 7 cm sealed envelopes made of some sort of metallic paper, decorated with different brand logos and illustrations, depending on the manufacturer and dealer. There are more than 100 different models available and prices range between 5 and 12 € per gram.

Incense spray: There are small transparent spray bottles of between 0.5 ml and 100 ml. They usually lack a description label and cost between 120€ and 800€. On the web where they sell this product, they describe it as a concentrate that requires dilution. They provide dosage guidance.

K2 paper: Simply a sheet of thick paper soaked in synthetic cannabinoids and ground vegetable material. It’s consumption is by making an infusion with it.. Some of the effects it produces include are better mood, relaxation, altered consciousness and psychosis. One A4 sheet costs 200€.

There are probably plenty of other formats that haven’t been identified.

Here are some of the most devastating headlines that we’ve found regarding the consumption of synthetic marijuana.

  • Synthetic cannabis consumption is causing serious addiction problems among young people.
  • K2 or Spice caused internal bleeding and other serious health issues among its victims.
  • A Riba-roja band was, arrested and accused of intoxicating two underage lads with synthetic marijuana.
  • 2 dead and more than 35 hospitalized in Florida due to internal bleeding caused by smoking synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is not a cannabis substitute and it shouldn’t even be called that. It’s a very dangerous product that causes plenty of personal, family and health issues, including death in some cases.

news synthetic marijuana

The use of this product is hugely discouraged as there is no control over its manufacturing or content. These substances change their composition very often, therefore, users expose themselves to huge risks; moreover taking into account that mafias are the ones making and selling these products. They don’t care about any possible damages their products cause. 

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With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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