Due to the evolution of marijuana crops, growing methods are more efficient nowadays, which has improved the quality of the yields. Users have developed extracts and concentrates that boost the psychoactive properties of the flowers, such as BHO, Rosin presses or dry sift hash. This last one is one of the easiest and most often used methods to get trichomes out of cannabis.

Dry sift hash is an extraction method that consists of rubbing the vegetable material with a screen to remove the resin from the flowers, in order to consume it later. This process can be done with a screen box, a hash shaker, a hash spinner or even with a grinder. Depending on the size of the microns, hash will come out thinner and have higher quality properties.

What do you need to do dry sift hash?

This method is very popular due to how easy it is to extract hash without spending too much money, as all you need is vegetable material (buds, sugar leaves, crop leftovers…) a screen and your own hands (with gloves). Some people use a piece of wood or a credit card to press the vegetable material and get the trichomes out.

The most common option is to separate the obtained material by its size, using different size micron screens and ordering the hash from higher to lower quality.

dry sift hash

How to make dry sift hash

Once you have all the necessary items, you are all set and ready to start dry sifting:

  1. Freeze the vegetable material (at least 24 h before starting the process) as this way the trichomes will come off faster and effortless. You can proceed without freezing it first, but it will take you longer.
  2. Place the material in whatever device you’ve decided to use. Normally, users opt for a screen box or a hash shakers; although professional growers that want to extract large amounts of hash use automatic spinners to speed up the process.
  3. Using your hands  (with gloves), a piece of wood or any hard object, move the vegetable material from side to side, pressing softly for the trichomes to come off. Don’t press too hard to prevent damage.
  4. Once you are done rubbing, open the bottom of the box and scrape the hash (using a card will make things easier) and shape it as you wish.
  5. Another positive aspect of this process is that it doesn’t need curing, you can consume it straight away. If you want to give it a more solid shape to pack it or take it along, you can use a T Pollen Press.

Best ways to consume dry sift hash

Consumption methods vary depending on the quality of the obtained hash. The best hash is extracted during the first few minutes of the process and it’s considered the purest. This concentrate is usually consumed with an oiler or bubbler; as it is the best way to fully enjoy its flavors and aromas.

On the other hand, hash that didn’t come out as thin probably doesn’t have as much quality, but it is still worth it. You can smoke it (with or without tobacco), add it to recipes or sprinkle it over your blunts.

The best products to make dry sift hash

Pollinator Spinner For Hash Extracts

This Pollinator Spinner is perfect to extract great quality hash without using gas. It dry sifts the buds thanks to its internal wash drum; which spins very fast once you put the material inside it.

Pollinator Spinner is perfect to collect and mix the resin of different plants in a fast and effective way.

Pollinator Spinner For Hash Extracts

Hash Shaker

With this hash maker you’ll be able to extract hash from cannabis plants easily. Available in 3 sizes.

Hash shaker available models:

  • Hash Shaker S: 8.5 cm diameter, 13 cm tall.
  • Hash Shaker L: 13.5 cm diameter, 18 cm tall.
  • Hash Shaker XL: 17 cm diameter, 17 cm tall.
dry sift hash shaker

T Pollen Press

The T Pollen Press is perfect to shape your extracted hash, regardless of the method used. Hash is rich in terpenes and offers a great amount of concentrated properties. This small press will process your extracts without any issues.

How to use the T Pollen Press:

  • Place a plug on the bottom and fill with resin.
  • Get another plug and close the press.
  • Tighten the top screw for a moment and then let go and check on the results. 
  • Unscrew the bottom plug and press with the top one to take out the hash.
T Pollen Press

Oiler Pipe to smoke hash or other extracts

With the Indus Oiler Pipe for BHO you’ll be able to enjoy the purest extracts in a healthier way; as the material evaporates without producing carbon monoxide. It includes a nail and a balloon.

oiler for hash and bho
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