Since the legalization of cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes in various USA states, this industry is on the rise. Although Dab Art has been around for quite a few years, easy marijuana access has brought greater interest over this initiative.

What is Dab?

In order to understand what Dab Art is, you first need to know what Dab is. Dab is a very concentrated cannabis extract that is heated over a borosilicate or titanium nail to inhale its smoke using a glass bong. The difference between Dab and cannabis flowers is that the last ones have lower THC levels. 

Usually cannabis buds have between 10 and 30% of THC, while very concentrated extracts can surpass 80%. The most popular ones are BHO, wax, budder, shatter and rosin. These extracts are used by some enthusiasts to make art.

rosin extraction

Up until now, cannabis extract lovers would use these substances to benefit from their recreational and medical effects. It has very potent therapeutic properties due to its high THC content, which is helpful to relieve nausea, pain and chronic conditions, among others.

As a matter of fact, this is the healthiest way to consume marijuana; even on a recreational level, because by using a bong you inhale less smoke and need less drags. 

Dab Art

Dab Art is basically making figures using heated cannabis concentrates, in order to turn them malleable. Social networks are full of marijuana extract enthusiasts who have been exploring their artistic side and elaborating complex and original designs that have been surprising plenty of people.

dab art

However, this tendency has been worrying experts. They warn that making homemade concentrates, especially when using solvents, is very difficult. The ones that require purging to purify them are particularly dangerous as if not done properly. The risk of intake of toxic products is high.

Therefore, they recommend using only extracts made by experts and buying them in trustworthy grow shops. If they are made at home, it is best to just use them only to make art pieces until the purifying and purging techniques are refined. Either way, if you wish to admire amazing creations, simply check on Instagram or Pinterest. 

Dab Art’s rising popularity on social networks

Dab Art fans haven’t stopped growing since its early days. You can admire original designs, like a bat or a snail on top of a joint, the Millennial Falcon or the Superman symbol, made by cinema lovers. You can also find very well-made animals, like a chameleon or a bee, a small house made with BHO, a lily flower, a portion of pizza or even an ice cream. 

This form of art has advanced so fast that it is easy to find silicone molds with different shapes. This way, people that like this form of art but aren’t so good at creating figures, can make beautiful designs with a little bit of help. They can make fun-looking shapes and show off in front of their friends.

dab art mold

These molds are easy to find in big marketplaces. They include a metal case to store the molds and a dabber, to handle the extract easily.

It seems that Dab Art is here to stay. The future of this tendency is uncertain. However, it is expected to advance like plenty of other forms of art; by creating new styles and gaining more adepts. Taking into account its simplicity and the amount of accessories available to help anyone become an expert in this art; in a few years thousands of people will be following this new trend.

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Erik Collado

With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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