In this article we’re going to talk about the kinds of cannabis seeds that you can find, both in strains and genetics; relaxing buds, energizing buds, autoflowering seeds, more flavorful strains, purple cannabis etc. There are so many classes and varieties, so today we’re going to have a go at giving you a brief explanation of each kind there is.

Types of CannabisSativa Cannabis:

This kind of cannabis is the one that’s most associated image-wise to smoking weed, those typical leaves with long and thin points, or plants with long rows of buds; these images bring marihuana to mind. This particular kind of marijuana is actually energizing, as it has some high THC levels giving quite a mental effect as well as increasing imagination and creativity as well as giving people with depression a better outlook on life.

Sativa type plants can be found in tropical areas like Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Central Africa and in forest areas with high levels of humidity and sun all year round. They’re usually quite resistant to fungi, and they only need light, water and patience to reward growers with their best product both indoors and outdoors, although they’re better grown outdoors due to how long they take to flower.

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Indica Cannabis:

Types of CannabisThis is the more commercial marijuana that’s grown everywhere and is the Queen of indoor and outdoor grows according to many smokers; it might not have such an active effect as Sativa plants, but their flowering cycles are much shorter and they tend to produce more yield thanks to their thick, compact buds. This plant’s effects are the opposite of sativa plants, giving a mental and bodily sensation of complete relaxation.

Indica cannabis is also used medicinally to help alleviate pain in chronic illnesses; many medications tend to either cause addiction or to lose effect over time, which is why cannabis is a much better choice.

These plants are found naturally in hot areas, generally in Indica, although they grow in Pakistani and Afghanistan valleys where Kush strains and other 100% indica strains come from.

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Ruderalis Cannabis:

Types of CannabisThese plants grow to the northeast of Europe, in cold mountains and they flower according to how much they’ve grown which is different than sativa and indica plants, which flower according to the light they receive. These strains aren’t readily available on the market, although you can find some hybrids.

This kind of plant is also capable of dropping its seeds in the snow, and once summer comes and melts it, it’s capable of germinating and growing, so these plants are very hardy. These plants are impossible to obtain clones from, however, as they don’t grow for long enough.

They generally have quite a low concentration of cannabinoids and they don’t usually need a lot of care apart from water and light. They’re used to create autoflowering strains that are sativa or indica or hybrids.

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Autoflowering Cannabis:

Types of CannabisAutoflowering cannabis plants are seasonal plants that have been crossed with a ruderalis so that they have the power to flower by themselves. More and more extremely high yielding autoflowering strains are being made, and they’re perfect for places that have short summers as they grow quite fast and don’t need specific lighting.

Generally these plants take around 60 days from germination until they’re ready for harvest, and more and more people are beginning to grow them, and the fact that they flower over time rather than just because of the light period is a major advantage for speed.

Indoors these plants are being planted more and more, where you can get an amazing yield from 20h of light a day.

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Purple or Blue Cannabis:

Types of CannabisSome strains have begun showing blue and purple colors, and seed banks are piling them up due to the demand.

Almost any plant that goes through a cold phase towards the end of the flowering period will turn blue or purple, but some strains go this color out of genetics. The color really doesn’t indicate any special effect, but it is extremely pleasing to look at. I guess Mother Nature just wanted to bring some more beauty to this plant if possible.

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In another few years these plants will probably have evolved even more, and we’ll have super sativas or super indicas, but until then these are the kinds of cannabis that you have to choose from, go check them out on our website as we’re selling many seeds from various different seed banks.

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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It’s good to know that purple or blue colors don’t indicate any special effect of the cannabis. My brother is interested in finding a premium marijuana dispensary so he can try smoking to relax on the weekends. I’ll share this info so he’s prepared to shop and evaluate different strains!

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