Training Cannabis Plants for Fatter Buds

Getting fatter buds from your cannabis plants can be done by training them by using plastic stakes or meshes. Why does this fatten your buds? Well, we’re here to explain that.

Training Cannabis Plants for Fatter BudsMarijuana plants are smart and they flower as much as possible because they’re waiting for male plants to pollinate them so they can give birth to their precious seeds, which is exactly what nature intends. To get amazingly big flowers you need to induce your plant into the flowering period (or it can happen naturally outside or with autos) without any male plants near it or you may end up with pollinated females full of seeds; this way your plants also produce bigger flowers and more resin in the hopes of receiving more pollen from the male plants; once it begins to get cold and they haven’t been pollinated, they know that it’s not going to happen so they grow as big as possible.

Because they grow bigger for these reasons, the buds get fatter and heavier. They’re also just as smart in as far as knowing that if they grow the buds any bigger the stem will break, so they focus on strengthening the branch; this is where the stakes come into play to give your plants more energy for flowering.

Stakes are simply plastic sticks or actual canes, although it’s more hygienic to use plastic stakes that you can clean after every use.Training Cannabis Plants for Fatter Buds

You’ll need to put the stake in beside the trunk, around 5 or 6cm away from it and tie it where the central flower is growing, right under the main row of buds on the central calyx. This will keep your plant strong and balanced, and it can put more energy into growing bigger flowers rather than strengthening the trunk.

You can also do this with the actual branches, by trying them to the stake getting bigger side buds.

If you think about this logically you’ll see why it’s done, and why it’s so important to do with clones to make them as strong as they can be right from the start. You can do this using SCRoG meshes too, although stakes are much easier to use.

Training Cannabis Plants for Fatter BudsWhen you do this using a mesh you need to place the mesh over the pots deep enough so you can still water and get your hand down to the bottom. Grow your plants as you usually would, and once they’re at around 40 or 50cm move them to a 7-11L flowerpot and put the mesh on them as close as possible so you can get the bottle down there to water. Then, begin taking out the central calyxes through the holes and all of the branches so that only about 5cm of the branches are outside the mesh.

Once the flowering period begins, your mesh should be 100% full while they begin to flower, and it will be an authentic mass of green buds and branches capable of putting up with their weight. Everything else is up to how you grow it, happy growing!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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