Here you can find tips and tricks on how to plant marijuana and how to use it for your own benefit, like how to make your own medicinal tinctures, how to water your plants correctly, or how to make your own clones. We can teach you how to hide your crop from helicopters or how to keep your crop as quiet as possible. Learn how to dry and cure your marijuana to get the absolute best out of it. Choose this category if you have any unresolved doubts or questions.

Cannabis: Types of Fungi

Fungi are microorganisms that generally live on/off other organisms such as animals, food and many, many kinds of plants. Today we’re going to talk about different types of fungi that can infest cannabis plants and how to get rid of them; keep your plants healthy and stable without losing any […]

How to Know if You Have Quality Cannabis

If you consume cannabis, odds are that every now and then you’ve been in a pickle trying to get your hands on some gear. Generally, we recommend growing your own green, but sometimes you’re in a pinch and for some reason or another, your plants simply didn’t make it or […]

The Importance of Leaves on Cannabis Plants

Whenever a beginner starts to grow for the first time, their main objective is generally to try and get as many flowers on the plant as fast as possible. Many people don’t realize that in order to increase flower yield, you need to pay attention to other aspects of the […]

Burns on Cannabis Leaves

Burns on cannabis leaves are extremely frequent and they can have many different causes. In this article we’re going to go through some of the most common causes of burns on cannabis leaves. It’s not always due to your lights – plants can have adverse reactions to different climates, nutrients, […]

Why you Should Pot Up

Why you should pot up your cannabis plants – by pot up we mean transplant them to bigger pots rather than planting them straight into a large one. Transplanting to bigger pots has a lot of advantages for your plants. Hopefully this little article will help you understand why potting […]

How to Use Jiffy and Rockwool Trays

Not many people actually know how to properly use Jiffys and Rockwool trays, because due to the way they look people tend to think there’s a specific way to use them. If you’re planting thousands or seeds or rooting thousands of clones that’s one thing, but when you’re rooting a […]

Rosin Technique

The Rosin Technique has been around for a while and consists in basically extracting resin from cannabis flowers without using any kinds of solvents or gases. It has an extremely similar concentration to BHO, and it has the added advantage that you don’t need to use any chemical substances. It’s […]

What to do with your Indoor crop during the Summer

In this article we’re going to talk about what to do your indoor crop during the summer, especially in hot areas where the temperatures can reach startling heights. Generally, people tend to stop growing in the summer because it can cause issues such as bad buds, hermaphroditism and dietary issues […]

How to Make Cannabis Balm

Today we’re going to show you how to make cannabis balm. More and more people are beginning to use cannabis medicinally to alleviate issues like muscle pain, whether it’s physical or psychological, it can be used to treat issues such as fibromyalgia, insomnia, chronic headaches etc. We’re going to talk […]

How Many Plants per Light?

How many plants per light? This is sometimes an issue for novice growers and it has a pretty simple solution. The amount of plants per light depends on the type of plants and how you grow them, apart from the space you have and the potency of the plants. Planting […]

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