Which strains of cannabis are the most productive can depend on many things like where they’re planted (indoors, outdoors), type of climate (humid, dry), the season in which they’re planted (warmer or colder), the type of fertilizer that’s used (with a biological fertilizer you’ll get more flavor whereas chemical fertilizers offer a larger yield). All of these factors and many more can affect how much production you get out of your plants, but even still we’ve made a list of the most productive strains that have worked the best for us and have given us the highest yields.

The Most Productive StrainsBestial Skunk: We all know that Skunk strains generally give a decent yield, but this particular strain absolutely takes the cake. It grows at an incredibly fast speed with a nice solid structure full of wide leaves, typically characteristic of Skunk strains. Its branches are quite resistant but even then you’ll need to string or wire them so that they can put up with the weight of the bud; they’ll grow baton-sized buds on each branch. This strain was born from a cross between Skunk#1 and a Limonet from the same seed bank. It has a sweet, citric taste accompanied by an energizing effect. If grown indoors this strain should grow up to a meter, giving around 550g per square meter. Outdoors it can grow over 3m tall and give up to 2kg per specimen.The Most Productive Strains

Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant: This strain has an incredible amount of THC, way above average, as well as an almost instant, long-lasting effect; this strain is the one for you if you’re looking for a potent plant with a high yield. This strain comes from a cross between a G13 and a Hash Plant, two of the strains with the highest resin production. This strain grows long and fat buds, almost as big as a fist. The central stem of this beauty will stand out among the rest, reaching up to 40cm long of bud. Indoors you can easily get 400g per square meter in quite a short flowering period, and outdoors this beauty can grow over two and a half meters tall, giving over 1kg of dry bud.

The Most Productive StrainsBig Bud: The name of this strain already speaks wonders. This strain is an absolute classic, and if you’ve been smoking for years then you’ve definitely heard of this marvel or maybe you’ve even tried it. This strain is a descendent from a robust Afghan plant that was mixed with Skunk genes. Big Bud surprised growers ever with a yield that completely broke the mold and it became the go-to strain for creating hybrids with the objective to increase yield considerably. This strain has limited growth, which makes it perfect for indoor crops where it will grow impressive central stems of bud that can give up to 500g per square meter. Outdoors this plant might grow slightly more than indoors, although it won’t matter when it comes to yield as you can get over 1kg per outdoor specimen that’s grown properly.The Most Productive Strains

Northern Lights: Another classic strain that almost everyone has heard of and has been made to create hundreds of hybrids due to its amazing quality and yield capacity. These plants grow enormous buds that are absolutely covered in resin. It’s the perfect strain for your first crop, easy to grow and great for experience; its compact buds have a decent fungi resistance, much more than similar strains. It grows quite short, but that doesn’t necessarily mean less yield, making it perfect for outdoor crops; a plant that is 1.5m tall can easily go over a kilo when it comes to yield.

We have hundreds of strains that give a high yield, but one of the most important factors is always the person that’s growing the plants; make sure that you learn from your mistakes. Two seeds from the same strain can have completely different results, so make sure to keep in mind all of those basic factors that we talked about at the start of the article.

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Erik Collado

With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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