The Most Efficient Vaporizers

It’s been a few years now since vaporizers have started becoming more and more popular, and there are hundreds of models and brands to choose from. The issue with vaporizers tends to be related to the person using it. Vapor contains less PPM than smoke, meaning that it’s less dense and not as intense as actual smoke. When you’re used to dense smoke and you switch to vaping, it doesn’t tend to feel like much. Of course, there are certain vaporizers that offer a dense vapor that’s similar to smoke, and these are the kinds of vaporizers that heavy cannabis users prefer. Today we’re going to talk about efficient vaporizers, that’ll give you satisfying vapor without having to spend all of your money.


The Most Efficient Vaporizers - VerdamperThis is a classic vaporizer in the world of cannabis. Its classic, efficient design has allowed it to stay on the market for so many years with hardly any changes, although they do offer various special versions such as a smaller one or a square one. This vaporizer gives one of the most intense, satiating vapors on the market right now, but it might heat the weed up a bit too more when compared to other vaporizers on this list.


The Most Efficient Vaporizers - VolcanoIf the previous vaporizer was a classic, then this one is the modern favorite that obsessed an entire generation of consumers with its gigantic, almost magical bag full of delicious vapor. It’s available in analogue and digital versions and both of them work exactly the same. It’s basically a base with a hole in which you place your weed and a valve on the top – place the bag on the valve and it’ll start filling up with vapor. A big advantage with this kind of system is that you’ll never burn your lungs when inhaling, as you’ll be able to see the actual amount of vapor inside the bag.

Da Vinci IQ

The Most Efficient Vaporizers - Da Vinci IQThis top generation vaporizer is one of the most efficient vaporizers on the market. With its 3500mAh and a 70min battery life, the Da Vinci IQ is the solution for vape lovers that want to vaporize on the go. It includes a telephone App with which you can configure all of the options on your vaporizer. It also has an aromatic chamber that you can fill with different vegetal materials and give your weed a unique flavor, as well as a bowl with which you can consume both vegetal material and extracts. It’s made out of Zirconium, a metal that can easily deal with high temperatures and accidental drops or bumps.

The Most Efficient Vaporizers - Herbalaire

Herbalaire H3

This complex vaporizer was made with a series of special characteristics, such as defined flavor and more cannabinoids, offering intense and marked flavors. Unlike many other vaporizers, this one has 16 air injectors that heat up the weed an extract all of its cannabinoids. This makes it one of the most efficient vaporizers out there. The air doesn’t go near the coil at all, so the quality of the weed isn’t affected at the end of the day, offering a unique experience.


The Most Efficient Vaporizers - V-NailThis is a special model, as it can only be used to vaporize BHO extracts. Those of you that know how annoying it can be to heat up the BHO nail with a mini-torch will be astonished by how easy this little gadget makes it. All you have to do is plug it in, pick whatever temperature you want and you’ll be ready to vape your BHO extracts. You can choose any temperature between 226ºC and 430ºC, ensuring that the nail itself will sit at the perfect temperature instead of going down when you consume BHO using a torch on the nail.

Apart from all of these devices, we have a large amount of top quality vaporizers and pipes available on our webpage. If you have a cheaper vaporizer but you find that it simply isn’t enough for you, try and get used to it – your lungs and wallet will thank you!

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