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How many times have you had to look for somewhere to get marijuana because you’ve run out or you’re in a different city and you’ve had to bend over backwards to find mostly low-quality bud? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have available spots in Spain where you know that the quality of the product you want to buy is controlled? In Spain there is a sort of legal limbo regarding places like cannabis clubs and associations, and although you can join them they tend to be picky about whom they accept due to security and discretion issues. Some countries have this sort of system properly regulated, giving customers the opportunity to get good product at a reasonable price. The best way to get marijuana is in a pharmacy, helping to avoid drug trafficking and gangs associated with it.

Uruguay has confirmed a legal medicinal marijuana distribution set-up with 36 pharmacies around the country; 16 pharmacies have signed up, and they are currently awaiting a response from the other 20; not every pharmacy is allowed to participate as they have to have a certain set of parameters and conditions. Every 5 years the pharmacies in Uruguay are obliged to go through a revamping in order to be able to sell the product safely, incorporating a computer program and some additions to their shop which basically help to correctly control the product being sold, from its growth to its consumption. Buying the product, according to the Pharmaceutical Center’s vice-president, is completely anonymous when it comes to these pharmacies.

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Pharmacies that will be able to sell medicinal marijuana will be places depending on the quantity of users in each zone; areas that show a higher level of users registered with the IRCCA will have more pharmacies that are authorized to sell cannabis. Right now, there are more than 4000 people registered and according to Diego Olivera, secretary of the country’s National Drug Board, there are more than 160,000 cannabis users in the country.

All of this has to do with medicinal users, although in the south-American country the right to use marijuana recreationally is also strongly defended. In fact, the ICC and Simbiosis confirm the existence of licenses to grow and legally sell cannabis with recreational purposes. There are two strains available, both with different cannabic profiles, and they’re sold in 4 different containers, depending on the quantity being sold/bought.

Antalich has been on record saying that the state of Uruguay has promised to buy 10 tons of medicinal cannabis within 5 years, which is how long the pharmaceutical license regarding cannabis sales is active for. Depending on the results, the decision to continue or not will be made. Recreational cannabis will be sold in sachets that contain information about the product, the name of the strain, information on the cannabinoids, and suggestions such as how it should not be consumed by pregnant women, children or before driving; the most common warnings that come along with a responsible use of marijuana.

The director of the Pharmacy Center is in favor of this kind of regulation due to the fact that medical professionals are also involved, whose job it is to make sure that the CBD content is higher than the THC content so that the product is directed more towards medicinal users rather than recreational ones. This will also help entice responsible smoking; the CBD content will help reduce and fight various ailments, and the reduced quantity of THC will get rid of any anxious effects.

Antalich concludes that this step being taken now was the missing link in preventing users from participating in illegal activities; if it’s legal to use but not legal to sell, the state will work in the interests of cannabis consumers by producing it and therefore creating more state revenue and less for illegal gangs or groups that deal in cannabis.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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