The Best Electronic Ballasts

Many novice growers start out by getting an indoor kit that usually includes a bulb, a ballast and a reflector. For brand new growers that don’t know how to get the most out of their plants yet, this is a good idea, but experienced growers need more potent products to get the best yield possible. Today we’re going to talk about the best electronic ballasts that you can find on the market, many of which give more productive harvests and help avoid wasting precious energy.

The differences between a digital ballast and a magnetic one are incredible, so much so that your harvest can increase by 30% depending on which you use; magnetic ballasts heat up much faster, wasting a lot of energy that doesn’t reach the bulb which in turn causes the light to blink continuously; this can’t be seen with the naked eye, but if you were to record it with a camera it would be visible.

Digital ballasts don’t heat up, so all of the electricity goes straight to the bulb, which will glow as bright as possible without blinking in and out, making for bigger plants and a better harvest. Because it doesn’t heat up, it uses less energy, so you’ll be spending less on electricity. Due to the fact that it doesn’t cause blinking, your bulb will also have a longer life-span, allowing you to use it for more crops. During the growth phase you can lower intensity, because these plants need less light during the growth phase than during the flowering phase, so you’ll save a lot on your energy bill and lengthen the bulb’s life-span.

The best electronic ballastsGavita Digistar 600e Ballast: This magnificent ballast is made out of the best materials and it comes in an airtight aluminum box, resistant to humidity, dust, bangs and splashes thanks to being layered with epoxy resin. It’s completely silent and makes no noise whatsoever, so that’s a plus for those who require discretion. It has a wheel with 4 options, allowing you to regulate the power to 400W, 440W, 600W and 660W (super lumen). If you use the super lumen mode, you’ll need to keep in mind that your bulb will heat up more and it will end up with a shorter life-span.The best electronic ballasts

Lumatek adjustable electronic ballast: This eye-catching ballast is one of the most well-known one due to the quality offered in comparison to its price. This ballast will help your crop grow massively, increasing yield. It doesn’t heat up at all, so you can place it in your crop area. It’s available in 400W, 600W and 1000W. Thanks to a Plug & Play cable (not included), it’s not necessary to mess about with cables to connect it to a reflector. It has an internal fuse that will trip in case of emergency, so you don’t need to worry about it catching fire.

Phantom II adjustable digital ballast: This ballast is considered one of the best ballasts on the market. It has an intelligent design that, apart from not heating up, makes it easy to manage and completely silent. There’s a 400W-600W model that can only be used at those two potencies, and there’s a 1000W model that allows you to set it at 60%, 75%, 100% and 110%.The best electronic ballasts

The best electronic ballastsSolux Electra adjustable digital electronic ballast: With this ballast you can decide exactly what potency you want to give your plants, allowing you to adjust between 250w and 660w. Thanks to the wheel on it you can adjust the potency in bouts of 20w, making for a wide range of options to get the best possible parameters for your plants. If you notice the temperature rising too much, all you have to do is lower the wattage slightly and you’ll be able to adjust the temperature of the bulb to your needs. You can also buy a remote control that allows you to regulate the intensity from a distance.

The best electronic ballastsArgolite electronic ballast: This low-cost ballast won’t disappoint even though it has a lower price than the others. It might not have as long a life-span as some of the more expensive models, but those who try it won’t want to grow with a magnetic ballast ever again. It can increase your harvest by up to 30%, making it worth every penny, especially at such an amazing price. You can adjust the potency between 250w, 440w, 600w and 660w.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of quality adjustable electronic ballasts available that can give you heftier harvests and increase the life-span of your bulbs.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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