The best Dinafem seeds have been grown by many growers successfully for many, many years now. Dinafem has always inspired trust and confidence in the quality of their seeds, flowering times and effects.

Dinafem has a large variety of strains suitable for all needs and tastes; you’ll undoubtedly find that perfect strain for you, whether it’s indica, sativa, autoflowering or not, we guarantee it.

Today we’re going to talk about our personal favorite seeds that we’ve grown ourselves and know first-hand just how amazing they are. First we’re going to talk about the seasonal strains that we all know and love, and which our favorite Dinafem seasonal strains are.

Feminized Seasonal Dinafem Cannabis Seeds

The Best Dinafem SeedsThere are seeds that will work better indoors than outdoors and vice versa, as soon plants take a long time to flower or grow much too big for an indoor grow tent. The Queen of outdoor growing here in Spain is Moby Dick, a plant that grows as wide as it does tall, making for a giant ball of buds that tends to go over 1kg per plant if done correctly.

The Best Dinafem SeedsIndoors, the star strain is Critical + thanks to how compact it grows. It grows into cypress-like plants that hardly take up any space, meaning you can plant quite a few indoors, filling up your grow tent with long colas of buds and an extremely high yield in just 55 days flowering. This strain is grown by commercial growers thanks to the yield it gives in such small areas and its potent, relaxing effect.

The Best Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem has some seeds with some amazingly potent mental effect and high THC levels like Original Amnesia, a plant that should be ready around the end of October. The weed you get from this strain will be envied by all of your friends for its amazing earthy flavor capable of filling your mouth with an amazing dense smoke that induces fits of laughter almost instantly. This strain is perfect for both sharing with friends and smoking on your own at home.

The Best Dinafem SeedsIf you’re looking for a sweet, fruity strain and prefer flavor over effect, Sweet Deep Grapefruit is the strain for you. This plant is extremely resinous, gives decent buds and tastes absolutely delicious; it gives a high yield both indoors and outdoors, so it might just become your favorite strain one day, regardless of where you plant it.

The Best Dinafem SeedsIf you’re looking for a plant to get some good BHO extract, then one of the most resinous, potent strains that you can take advantage of when it comes to the trimmings and whatnot is a strain called OG Kush. This strain is extremely popular in the US and has been around for years now. It’s a bit delicate when it comes to feeding, and you’ll need to have a bit of experience to grow this baby properly and get the most out of it; if over-fertilized you could end up killing off your grow. These seeds are extremely rewarding if you manage to keep them in top shape.

The Best Dinafem SeedsFor fans of the more incensed strains, Dinafem has a nice Royale Haze strain. The most potent sativa strains in the world come from the Haze family, with their church-like smell and stimulating effects that can be used to treat depression; Haze strains are capable of causing depressed people to be active again, begin eating and leaving the house – much more effective than typical medications used for depression which often have many negative side effects.

The Best Dinafem SeedsAnother amazingly aromatic plant is Cheese Original, a plant that comes from a selection of Skunk strains that became extremely popular in England. This plant has hard and dense buds with an extremely strong and penetrating aroma, which is why it’s called cheese. It doesn’t smell like cheddar as many might think; it has an extremely strong pungent aroma and its resin is absolutely full of terpenes, which make it so smelly and easily detectable by nosy neighbors outdoors when its mid-flower. When smoked it absolutely fills your mouth with a dense smoke that can sometimes cause you to cough. This strain is basically any smoker’s go-to strain.

Feminized Autoflowering Dinafem Cannabis Seeds

People tend to grow autoflowering plants because they’re in a hurry to get some gear or because they want to grow somewhere with light contamination and the only plants they can successfully grow are autoflowering seeds that don’t need specific light regimens. Within the wide variety of autoflowering strains available nowadays, you can find amazing strains with some amazing characteristics and swift flowering times. These are our favorite Dinafem strains:

The Best Dinafem SeedsWhen you’re looking for a high yield in autoflowering plants, White Widow Auto comes to mind, one of Dinafem’s most stable autoflowering strains that tend to grow over a meter outdoors. They’re all similar to the original strain, and they all grow quite similarly without any imbalances in your grow. Another characteristic is that it’s slightly more relaxing and narcotic than the original strain due to its high CBD content, which is the cannabinoid that medicinal users look for in their bud. The buds are extremely compact and hard to grind up; even the stems of this plant will be covered in resin, perfect for making your own BHO.

The Best Dinafem SeedsAnother strain that has a decent yield is Haze Auto, a strain that grows tall and spread out, allowing the light to reach even the lowest parts of the plant. The buds are concentrated along the tops of the branches and the central stem, which can grow as thick as a coke can. It has a nice incensed taste. You can get up to 100g from just one plant, making it the perfect option for quick summer grows.

The Best Dinafem SeedsCritical Cheese Auto combines the best of seasonal strains and autoflowering strains, being one of the best producers in the entire seed bank’s autoflowering range. It has extremely strong aromas and flavors, and it will be ready just a couple of months after germination. It gives heavy and hard buds that any stoner would love to get their hands on, and an amazing flavor that will fill your mouth. This is perfect for those looking for a fast yield without sacrificing quality.

The Best Dinafem SeedsLast, but not least, we recommend White Cheese by Dinafem. It has a staggering Cheese aroma, and it’s a big plant with a White Widow-like structure. This autoflowering strain takes three months rather than two, but it will be well worth it when you see its amazing yield. It has a strong Cheese taste and also counts on White Widow’s genes for its resin production, which is amazing. It’s the perfect mix for those who love autos but want more yield per plant; around 120g.

If you want to purchase Dinafem seeds at the best prices around, click here to check out our Dinafem autoflowering catalogue. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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