The Best Books for Growers

When a grower starts off with their first crop, they usually lack the knowledge needed to get the most out of their plants. This is why people tend to seek out advice from more experienced growers, look information up online, or turn to books about growing marijuana. Here at we insist on teaching our customers all of this indispensable knowledge; if you know how to do something correctly, then you’ll avoid making silly mistakes that might end up ruining your harvest. We continuously make an effort to share our experiences with our customers, especially those that don’t have much experience, through our YouTube channel and our Blog. Today, we’ve thought up a list of some books that we consider to be the best books out there for growers, with which you’ll be able to read the authors secrets first-hand, allowing you to get your crop game up to our level.

The Marijuana Bible

Who hasn’t heard about this book already? Written by the amazing Jorge Cervantes, this marvel of a book has turned into everyone’s favorite reference book, containing advice that even experienced growers can use. Apart from showing you basic notions to do with growing, like basic advice, parameters and plagues, it also includes valuable information that can be extremely useful if you know how to get the most out of it. Inside this book you can find EVERYTHING to do with the world of cannabis, from advice on how to germinate your seeds, to how to cure your bud properly, as well as advice on every phase your plants will go through.the best books for growers marijuana bible photo

Planting cannabis with the heart

This manual contains up to two decades worth of crop experience, meaning that it contains extremely valuable information that will help you better understand how your plants develop in each of their phases. It also includes a pro-legalization plea that is without a doubt worth reading; the author talks in detail about all of the different applications that marijuana plants have, capable of changing our and our kids’ quality of life, making for a much better planet. All of this comes straight from the mouth of Juan Reina, an experienced grower that favors natural and organic crops; this book focuses specifically on these kinds of crops, giving classic but extremely effective advice. The introduction is extremely well written by Ben Dronkers, the founder of the seed bank Sensi Seeds and of the cannabis museums in both Barcelona and Amsterdam.the best books for growers planting cannabis with the heart photo

Positive Cannabis, Medicinal Oil

This book is designed for those that want to get the absolute most out of marijuana’s medicinal properties; inside this book you’ll find detailed information on how to make your own marijuana extractions and tinctures with which you can treat a myriad of illnesses. Written by Wernard Bruining (founder of the Positronics seed bank), this book explains in great detail how to get the most out of your marijuana plants’ medicinal properties. You can also read about his experience with the Dutch organization MEDIWIET, containing up to 20 interviews with people that have different illnesses, pains or pathologies who found solace and relief, and in some cases a cure, in medicinal marijuana. This book is rich in detail, making it the model book that all medicinal users should definitely read.the best books for growers positive cannabis

Practical Manual for Gourmets

This classic has turned into an indispensable book for many outdoor growers due to how detailed the explanations are, offering advice on plagues and fungi while teaching you how to tell them apart, prevent them and even fight them. You’ll save yourself a whole lot of problems if you follow the advice in this book, which will help you keep your plants in the best conditions possible, keeping their development healthy throughout the entire process. Everything in this book is explained by the author, Juan Robledo, in an informal way without using any technical words that might be confusing to some people.the best books for growers practical manual

Practical Manual for “Enteraos”

This book is part II of Juan Robledo’s Practical Manual series, and was written thanks to the amazing success that the first book received. This version is more focused on indoor crops, giving you all the information you’ll need, from different crop methods to the most basic and important parameters. We highly recommend this book for those growers that think they know it all, because you’ll definitely find some tips and tricks that you had no idea about. It also includes a CD full of educational and informative images, as well as a few games with which you can reinforce your knowledge while having a good time.the best books for growers practical manual enteraos

I Love It

In this book you’ll find a plethora of experiences had by Michael D. Meredith, an experienced grower whose advice should not go unnoticed. One of the best things about this book is that absolutely everything has a graphic description, along with details on every single experiment. Thanks to this set up, you’ll be able to know and see what works and what doesn’t while having visual proof of each experiment, meaning that you don’t have to go and try everything out to be sure that it’s true. Either way, if you enjoy growing your crops by trial and error then this book is perfect for you. It also includes a lot of cannabis recipes that you can use medicinally or recreationally.the best books for growers i love it

Hydroponics for Everyone

We’ve left this book for last because although it contains useful, valuable and trustworthy information, it’s designed for a specific kind of grower. Written by William Texier (a famous cannabis activist and creator of GHE), this book explains everything you need to know to grow your crop in hydroponics. From the different kinds of hydroponic systems that you can set up to the necessary parameters needed to get abundant harvests, this book contains a series of color illustrations that can help clear up any kind of doubt you may have in any crop phase.the best books for growers hydroponics for everyone

This is only a small sample of the enormous collection of books that we have available in our catalogue; you’re guaranteed to find the perfect book for you that’ll help you to get the best out of your plants quality, quantity and potency.

Translation: Ciara Murphy