The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants

The benefits of growing your own product are astonishing in number. Once you begin growing your own weed you’ll soon learn that beforehand you were basically just throwing your money away. Every day more and more people are taking that important step and beginning to grow their own plants both indoors and outdoors; for a small price you can easily get a fully equipped grow tent, or you can just have a few flowerpots on your balcony or terrace, especially if you’re just growing for yourself. There are many kinds of crop methods for all kinds of budgets and people, from planting in small pots on a balcony to growing gigantic trees by planting straight in the ground, as well as grow tents of all shapes and sizes and grow lights of all sorts for indoor crops.

There comes a moment when buying marijuana on the street gets extremely expensive and day to day consumers simply can’t allow themselves to spend that kind of money and tend to buy less. By growing your own plants you’ll be able to smoke more and you’ll probably enjoy it more too because you won’t be worried about runing out and having to call your dealer again. Even if you do begin running out, you’ll be just about to harvest your next crop so there’s no need to worry.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own PlantsOne of the best things about growing your plants is the time that you have to spend with them, as they need some specific parameters, and it tends to become an enjoyable hobby for many people. Checking on your plants every day with a joint is the kind of sensation that every smoker should have at least once in their lives. If you’ve never grown before, little by little you should improve your technique as well as the quality of the bud that you grow, and you’ll eventually grow the best weed that you have ever smoked. The good thing about growing your own plants is that once harvest time comes around you get the satisfying job of drying and curing your weed, knowing that you put so much hard work into it. If you’re looking to sell the weed then you probably don’t care much about taste, which is why many dealers sell their weed still humid so that it’s heavier, or without washing the roots out.

The weed that you grow yourself will undoubtedly be of a higher quality than any of the stuff that you can buy on the street; people that grow weed to make money don’t have as much consideration for the quality of what they’re growing, just the quantity.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants

One of the best advantages is that you know that your marijuana has no illnesses or fungi or any sort of issue that’s pretty easy to manage if you’re growing on your own plants. When plants are grown in large quantities for commercial purposes then it’s hard to have an even crop; plants get watered differently, so it’s easy for them to be lacking some sort of nutrients or to be over-fertilized. This makes it much easier for the plants to be infested by insects or to get some kind of illness, although commercial growers don’t tend to care about this as their end game is simply to make money. There are so many problems that a crop can develop, like infestations, pathological germs or mildew spores. Consuming marijuana that hasn’t been grown properly or that has insecticides or other chemical substances can be detrimental for the health of the consume, whose lungs can even get infected in the worst of cases.

Another amazing advantage when it comes to growing yourself is that you can pick exactly what strain it is that you want to grow, so you’ll know exactly what it is that you’re consuming as well as the effects that it can produce when consumed. No more having to go buy weed and realizing that even the dealer hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.

Don’t forget that the satisfaction in knowing that you’ve grown your own weed is better than anything else, even than the money that you’ll end up saving!

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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