The 5 Best Seeds for Grow Tents

In this article we’re going to talk about the 5 best seeds for grow tents; a selection of both seasonal and autoflowering strains that are perfect for any kind of grow tent for indoor grows. These five seeds are our personal top five picks after years of experience, and we guarantee that you will love each and every one of them if you decide to plant them for your indoor grow.

There are so many different kinds of cannabis seeds; some prefer warmer or colder climates as well as some specific grow conditions and parameters. Today we’re going to talk about the 5 best seeds for grow tents, and each of these seeds is perfect even if you don’t have much experience growing as each strain specifically likes growing indoors. You won’t run the risk of them growing too tall and reaching the lamp or having a low heat resistance.

All of the strains that we’re about to talk about are without a doubt our personal indoor favorites and they’re well worth your time if you decide to grow them.

The 5 Best Seeds for Grow Tents:

Power Plant by Dutch Passion:The 5 Best Seeds for Grow Tents

In 2004 I planted this strain after a friend who had recently been to Holland told me that the only strain that really got to him was Power Plant. Once he told me this I didn’t take long to get my hands on some feminized Power Plant seeds and I swiftly placed them in my Grow Tent. Power Plant is supposedly Sativa but it acts more like an indica plant when it comes to size and structure, as well as having a relatively short flowering period that takes just 9 weeks. The curious thing about this plant is that as it grew more and more and the buds got fatter, the little “hairs” (pistils) liked like they had been shaved down, much shorter than other strains. The color of the plant was a radioactive green color and its trunk and branches were ridiculously strong. This strain really doesn’t grow too tall as it likes to stay nice and compact, so you can easily fit around 9 plants in a square meter space under a 600w grow lamp. It had an extremely strong aroma, one of those weeds that you just can’t leave the house with or everyone will know that you’re carrying. It had a lovely citrus and lemony flavor to it, and when smoked the taste can linger in the mouth for quite a while. It grew dense and heavy buds, similar to chicken eggs in size, and compared to a Super Silver Haze that was growing right beside it, I managed to get double the yield from the Power Plant. After a while I planted this strain again and it grew exactly the same; bright, radioactive green color, thick trunks and branches and some amazingly potent and aromatic buds. All I fed the plants with was Bio Vega, Bio Flores and Bat Guano. To get the same results you’ll need to have it on growth for 20 days and then flip the lights to the flowering period; grow it in a 3L pot and transplant it to a 7L pot a week after switching the light period. With some simple fertilizers and minimal care you’ll get an amazing indoor yield.

The 5 Best Seeds for Grow TentsTutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds:

This is another relatively early Sativa that should be ready around 2 months after switching the light period. This is quite a compact plant, and you can tell after just 15 days of growth. It grows out many side branches that practically reach the top of the plant, which doesn’t grow too tall. This plant is the product of a mix of Ak-47s making for some long, thick and heavy buds. When growing the branches do stretch up, but once the plant begins flowering then the branches will lower and open up some more due to the weight of the buds, allowing the light to reach every last inch of the plant. This of course means that you can only plant 4 plants per square meter under a 600w grow light. I managed to get 87g from one plant in a 7L pot, which you can see in the picture to the left. It’s extremely pleasing to smoke, with some spiced hints accompanying the hard and heavy buds. Whenever I recommend this strain to anyone they thank me, saying that if I had never told them about it they never would have even known that this strain existed. This is why I recommend it, so that you know that it’s a plant that will give you the most it possibly can in indoor grows and you don’t need to have much experience to grow it properly! This strain loves light, and you’ll soon understand why you should only plant 4 per square meter as they start off small but sprout outwards when flowering. You’ll need to grow them for around 21 days and begin flowering them with your normal routine; grow them in 3L flowerpots and switch them to the flowering period on day 21. 7 days after changing the light period, transplant them to 7L flowerpots and then it should take around 60 days to finish its cycle. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Melon Gum by Dr. Underground:The 5 Best Seeds for Grow Tents

This is another short strain, which is exactly the kind of strain you should be growing indoors. This plant has the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen on a strain I’ve planted myself; its leaves grow gigantic, facing the light to get the most possible and its branches grow quite close to the trunk and when flowering they don’t tend to grow that much more, so you can easily fit 9 plants in a square meter area. The only bad thing about this baby is that it takes a while to grow before you can set it to flower, but once it begins flowering it finishes swiftly making up for that extra grow time; around 7 weeks after seeing the first buds you should have a nice harvestable plant. Another eye-catching thing about this strain is the amount of resin that it produces right from the moment the plants begin flowering, and once they’re done the buds will look completely crystallized with resin, smelling like candy. If you’ve ever tried the typical watermelon chewing gum then you know the exact kind of smell we’re talking about. When smoked is earthy like Skunk but with some very sweet hints to it, making it irresistible for many cannabis smokers. This is another strain that you won’t be able to take anywhere with you due to how strong it smells. This is the strain that I’ve grown the most in my indoor set up as I love it for its amazing sweet flavor. It’s extremely easy to take care of as it feeds quite nicely and grows nice and strong, making it hard to make any actual mistakes.

The 5 Best Seeds for Grow TentsHaze Auto by Dinafem:

This strain is autoflowering and it takes just 2 months to finish its cycle after being germinated at 20/4. You can fit 9-16 plants in a square meter; if you’re using a grow tent plant 9, but if you’re using a grow room you can easily plant 16. They have an average yield of around 35-40g per plant in 7L pots; there’s no need to use bigger pots. The best way to get these plants to develop correctly is by following the steps in our article about how to plant autoflowering seeds. You’ll end up with maximum quality weed with some hard buds that smell of incense and taste nice and sweet, like the purest Haze. It ends up completely covered in resin, and even the most confident and experienced smokers won’t be able to tell that it’s an autoflowering strain when smoked. It will reach around 70cm and it grows into one central bud stem and around 8 branches that grow a lot of yield on the tips, although the rest of the branches are quite bare. If possible you can use a stake or some other training method so that the main stem doesn’t end up bending over under the weight of the buds; if you feed this plant properly it will get quite heavy and you might even have to string up the branches so that they don’t break. Our favorite thing about this plant is how fast it grows without decreasing quality. It’s rather easy to grow; germinate in 7x7x9cm pots and once they’re out for around 5 or 6 days, transplant them to a 7L flowerpot and grow it in that pot until the end of its cycle. With a decent fertilizing plan you should be able to get the most out of it and get a yield worthy of feminized seasonal plants, making it perfect for those who are in a rush to get their yield and begin smoking it.

Sweet Skunk Auto by Sweet SeedsThe 5 Best Seeds for Grow Tents

This autoflowering strain loves growing indoors, making for balanced plants with enormous buds on each and every tip of the branches that end up covered in tasty resin. The branches open up quite a lot to let the light reach the bottom, and with about 9 plants per square meter you’ll have a perfectly balanced plants/time/yield proportion. You’ll need to follow the autoflowering grow steps to get the most out of this strain; if you don’t treat them properly, like with any other plant, you’ll end up with dwarfed plants. If you follow the steps properly you’ll end up with some auto buds that are honestly the best and highest quality autoflowering buds that I have ever smoked. It has an earthy, strong Skunk flavor. When smoked you’ll be rewarded with an instant relaxing state. This strain is perfect for those who think that autoflowering weed doesn’t have any effect. It won’t take any longer than 2 months on 20/4 light, and sometimes you might think that it’s ready for harvest at just 45 days but if you harvest any earlier than 60 days you’ll be making a big mistake, and maybe even a bit more. You should get around 40g per plant, with some extremely resinous buds; even the biggest leaves will be covered in resin which is perfect for maximum quality extracts. This is another strain that you won’t regret growing indoors. It’s also one that I recommend quite a lot, as the seeds are cheap but top quality for smokers and it’s quite a fast harvest period. It’s perfect for those that consume a lot of cannabis and need fast strains to keep up with their intake.

There you have it, a simple guide on the 5 best seeds for grow tents. I hope our valuable experience has been of help; now you can grow a strain that you know will adapt perfectly to your indoor parameters, avoiding the song and dance that is finding a strain that fits your needs. These strains grow compact, feed nicely and are extremely hard to stress out, so you can’t go wrong! Happy growing!

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