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The 10 best marijuana festivals

Marijuana has always had a closed-knit relationship with music. Many people that smoke marijuana like to do so while listening to some good music. Concerts, and especially marijuana festivals, are the home of cannabis smokers, where some of the most potent modern strains can be found, although there are marijuana consumers of all kinds, so some festivals will have more consumers than others.

The 10 best marijuana festivals are:

The Austin Reggae Festival

The Austin Reggae Festival, otherwise known as the Marley Festival. This macro reggae concert is named after the biggest stoner involved in reggae without a doubt; Bob Marley. During the festival, those that attend can smoke the best marijuana known to man without worrying about breaking the rules; you can see cannabis leaves and Jamaican flags everywhere.

The 10 best marijuana festivals

Camp Bisco

This festival is a house music festival, right in the middle of nature with people camping all around… doesn’t that sound good?

The 10 best marijuana festivals


Campers, camper vans, music and food in which the star dish is marijuana; what more can you ask for? Freedom, art and underground culture all combine together to create a unique experience, both for marijuana consumers and those that haven’t yet taken the first step. The only issue is that you have to go all the way to Manchester, Tennessee.

The 10 best marijuana festivals

Burning Man

Nevada Mountains, USA, middle of the desert. NOPE! This desert area turns into a bustling festival, bringing the town of Black Rock alive for a week. A week of collaboration, rejuvenation and freedom; money and material objects mean nothing, everyone exchanges favors with everyone else. A magnificent temple is built, and burnt on the last day to honor the dead. Imagine how amazing it must feel to be out there in the middle of nowhere, you, fire, and your spliff.

The 10 best marijuana festivals


This is the festival is for anyone who is someone; almost everyone who’s relevant in the world of celebrities right now will be at this festival. Unfortunately, music isn’t the most important thing at this festival; people care about being seen and about who they see. Many celebrities that go to this festival are open about smoking weed, and even Kim Kardashian released a line of accessories for the festival that included a camouflage contraption to hide weed in.

The 10 best marijuana festivals


This festival was born in the USA, but is celebrated all over the world; the music style is a combination of alternative rock, indie and pock ruck, typical generation X music. In the midst of all of this music, you can obviously find many marijuana smokers.


This is the first European festival on our list, celebrated in Belgium. This festival is one of the most important electronic music festivals in the world, although other countries are starting to celebrate it too. Thanks to how close Belgium is to Holland, this festival is full of by far the best marijuana available.


Glastonbury is one of the most famous festivals in England, similar to Coachella but obviously music is much more important here.

The 10 best marijuana festivals

Life in Color

This festival features electro music, an itinerary and a whole lot of body paint. Combine that with a couple of joints and it could be the best night of your life.

The 10 best marijuana festivals

Love Parade

This German festival has been home to love and peace since the 90s, with amazing music, people and a whole lot of marijuana.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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Erik Collado

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