Sulfur Burners in Cannabis Crops

Sulfur burners in cannabis crops can save you a lot of potential trouble like fungi infestations, but not many people know how to use them. They’re amazingly helpful in large growing rooms or grows using motherSulfur for Burner plants, because it gets rid of any fungi looking to make a home there; if your plants get infected while growing or if they’re mother plants then it could be absolutely disastrous.

Sulfur changes the pH of many surfaces, like your plants, which in turn avoids the appearance of fungi like mildew and infestations like spider mites, which are both devastating for your indoor plants. This solution is honestly quite easy, but many people don’t even try it out of misinformation or not knowing how it works.

How are sulfur burners used in cannabis crops?Sulfur Burners in Cannabis Crops

It’s super easy; you just need to install it over your plants, about 2m off the ground. Fill it with specific sulfur for burning and you’re off. You’ll need to use it with a digital timer as you need to be able to program specific days. You’ll need to program it so the burner turns on once the lights go off, for about two hours and then it should turn off again. This needs to be done once a week with the air extraction off at the same time. You can program it to turn on every Tuesday, for example, half an hour after the lights go off for a couple of hours and then it’ll turn off until next Tuesday.

You can repeat this process every week in rooms with mother plants, but for normal plants you’ll need to disconnect it once the plants begin flowering. More or less ten days after switching the light period to 12h when the buds begin to show is when you’ll need to turn it off.Sulfur Burners in Cannabis Crops

Sulfur combined with high humidity produces sulfuric acid, which can burn your plants if they have water droplets on them or a large amount of humid material, like buds which retain a lot of humidity. If your plants begin to get yellow or they show burns, then you’ll need to stop using the sulfur and look for the issue. This tends to happen because many growers turn off their extractors at night and humidity accumulates in the room therefore creating sulfuric acid and causing burns on your plants. They’ll also begin turning yellow if you use the burner every night rather than just once a week; if you turn it on every day the pH will be too acidic for your plants to put up with it and they’ll stop absorbing water correctly; once a week is more than enough.

Now that you know how to use your sulfur burner in your cannabis grow, you can prevent fungi and many other unwanted issued from happening. It can also be used to directly kill powdery mildew.

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