Subliminal Cannabis Messages

Cannabis consumers tend to have a pretty good sense of humor, willing to have a good time and laugh. Over the years there have been several occasions in which cannabis smokers have taken advantage of their resources or position to place small subliminal cannabis messages. Some of these marijuana tributes have gone viral thanks to how easy it is to share things on social media these days.

Austin, Texas, 2013:

In the Formula 1 2013 world cup the McLaren team had one of the most memorable moments in its history and it wasn’t even on the track. On two of their official shops, peculiar Mexican flags appeared that had a big marijuana leaf on one of its corners. The Mexican government demanded they be taken down and let them know they were not pleased with what had been done to their flag. McLaren then apologized, saying that the McLaren team wasn’t responsible for those particular shops and that many different contractors and providers were in charge. Even then, he said sorry for any harm caused, and he ordered the flags to be pulled down.

Subliminal cannabis messages

Hollywood, California, 2017

Everyone knows about the famous Hollywood sign that has been in hundreds of movie scenes, tv shows and adverts. This sign is on the top of a hill known as Mount Lee, at the top of Griffith park, Hollywood. You can see the sign from various spots around Hollywood, so thousands of people see it every day. On the last night of 2016 someone decided to cover the two O’s with blankets, making them look like to E’s.  On January 1st 2017, the sun came up and on the top of Mount Lee you could clearly see the word “Hollyweed”.

Subliminal cannabis messages

Toy Story, Walt Disney – Pixar

Disney is one of the most famous kids film producers in history, and thanks to his films millions of kids spanning different generations have spent hours and hours entertained. Disney has a darker side (for example, some believe that Walt Disney himself is actually chryogenically frozen somewhere) and they used to add subliminal messages to their movies.
When you’re a child you obviously don’t notice, but there reaches a moment when you watch it as an adult and things just click. In some of his movies you can find references to sex, drugs and other adult themes. In Toy Story you can see a slight reference to cannabis; at Sid’s house (the nasty kid) you can see the wallpaper is clearly decorated with marijuana leaves. Obviously the ones in the movie only have 4 points, and marijuana has 5; knowing the huge quantity of types of leaves and Walt Disney’s history, it’s a safe bet that he meant it to look like cannabis.

Subliminal cannabis messages

There are many more references to cannabis throughout history, so we’ll eventually write a follow-up article.  Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think, maybe you know some more subliminal cannabis messages?

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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