Stoner Gifts

It’s almost that time of year, where everyone’s going crazy trying to find that special present for that special someone – sometimes this can be the most daunting task of the year. Well, to help you out this holiday season we’ve decided to make a list to help you make a decision! This list of stoner gifts is perfect for your stoner friend or that special stoner someone – check it out!

Stoner Gifts | Harvest + Curing Kit

stoner giftsWell, we’re smack dab in the middle of growing season for indoor growers, and many growers are probably about to harvest their first round of the year – if you have a friend with a bit of a green thumb, why not get him this Harvest + Curing kit, which comes with a professional Lumagny Microscope (60x80x100x), straight-tipped scissors, a 2 in 1 Vacuumset stash and a 8g Boveda 62 sachet. Basically, everything you could need to trim and properly cure your cannabis!

Gifts for Smokers | Double Aluminum Giza Herb Grinder

double aluminum giza herb grinderThis herb grinder is one of the latest additions to our store and it has surprised absolutely all of us – it has quite an eye catching design yet it’s still incredibly practical. This aluminum grinder is designed by Super Smoker, and it has five different layers and four pairs of blades, one of which looks like it’s floating. It has a mesh at the bottom used to allow resin to fall through to the catcher at the bottom. The lid is see-through, so you can check on your cannabis at all times. If one of your friends is complaining about their bad grinder or collects them, they will go crazy for this Super Smoker model! Definitely one of our best stoner gifts.

Stoner Gifts | Cannabis Book

gifts for smokersOne of the best gifts that you can get your stoner friend that likes reading is, well, a book! A book about cannabis, preferably. There are hundreds of books dealing with how to grow cannabis, how to smoke it, how to roll joints – one of the most original and interesting cannabis books we’ve seen is Porrigami! It’s a book all about how to roll the most interesting and hilarious joints that you’ve ever seen. Check out our full nook section on our webstore for more ideas!

Gifts for Smokers | Christmas Pack

stoner giftsRAW has gone absolutely crazy this year – they’ve designed an amazing Christmas pack that you should gift to your absolutely most stoner friend. It contains everything you could ever need for a RAWthentic Christmas! It comes with a metal tray and a magnet lid for it, a round ashtray, five different types of paper booklets, four different types of filters, two types of glass mouthpieces, a lanyard, a hemp wick and a King Size Classic metal case. This pack is limited edition, so make sure to get one this year before they run out!

Stoner Gifts | Kommuter Kup Silicone Bong

kommuter kup silicone bongAre you looking for the perfect bong or pipe for your collector friend or for a stoner friend that loves consuming cannabis in new and different ways. This bong looks just like a smoothie cup and is practically indestructible! You can smoke your hash or cannabis with the same ease as drinking a smoothie. It doesn’t matter how many times you drop this bong, it will not break!

Gifts for Smokers | Winabis

gifts for smokersOne of the most common gifts that are given at Christmas time is an age old favorite, alcohol! This is typically whisky, rum, champagne, wine… Well, we have a special type of wine for you to try gifting to your friends this year and we’re sure they’re going to love it. This delicious white wine is an amazing combination of alcohol and cannabis aromas (terpenes) which makes for an amazing taste experience. A great gift for your more posh stoner buddies! It doesn’t contain cannabinoids.

Stoner Gifts | Cup

stoner giftsThey may not be the best way to drink Winabis, but these engraved cups are unique merchandise that your stoner friend will love… if they speak Spanish! We’re planning on releasing an English range in the future, but for now, why not learn some cannabis-related Spanish with these amazing cups?

Gifts for Smokers | RAW Ash Catcher

raw ash catcherThis present is perfect for your messier stoner friends that tend to make messes wherever they go, usually because they keep dropping ash. I mean, if you are that friend, you can always get yourself one of these beauties for when your gaming or lounging about in bed. This hand-held ashtray attaches to your joint and catches all of the ash that falls off before it hits the ground – amazing!

Stoner Gifts | Growbarato High School Sweater

gifts for smokersIf you prefer to gift your friends with clothes at Christmas, this is definitely one of the best sweaters around with a cannabis theme – the High School sweater. This sweater is designed for our fans and customers with a beautiful Old School look combined with a New School concept – perfect for both him and her.

Gifts for Smokers | LED Mexican Skull Ashtray

stoner giftsThis product was most likely designed by gamers that stay up all night toking and playing video games – if you have any friends that fit that description that smoke joints or cigarettes, then this is the perfect ashtray for them! It has a beautiful skull design and also connects to a USB port and lights up! Perfect for those that spend hours playing video games near their laptop and need to have an ashtray nearby at all times.
Hopefully this list has helped you to pick out the perfect stoner gifts for your stoner friends, partner, family or anyone else this Christmas! We’d also like to remind you to consume cannabis responsibly – this might be hard after such a stressful year, so if you’re going to consume irresponsibly, do NOT drive under the effects of cannabis. Get a taxi or take public transport – your family and friends will be greatful for it.

From we’re wishing you happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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