Stimulate Flowering in your Plants

Stimulate Flowering in your PlantsIf you want an amazing yield from your grow then you’re going to want to stimulate flowering in your plants. It’s easier to achieve a good yield if your plants start off nicely, and with a proper stimulant you’ll get much more yield than if you aren’t using it, so it’s definitely worth inverting a bit more time and money during the flowering period to guarantee a massive yield.

We all love massive plants with long colas of bud, but this isn’t something that just happens on its own. At the start of the flowering period, your plants stretch out quite a lot. If you give them a decent flowering stimulant during this period it will grow more flowers rather than stretching out so much which can then be fattened using other products.

Your plants will grow some bud-filled branches and an amazingly thick central cola, where the best and most resinous buds are. Apart from this, your plant will begin flowering earlier which means that it will be finished earlier, which is very handy if you live somewhere with an unfortunate climate.

There are many flowering stimulants on the market, but today we’re going to talk about some of the ones we’ve tried and tested ourselves; these stimulants are guaranteed to give you some amazing results. Some of them have different characteristics than others, so you’ll need to pick the perfect one for you depending on your needs.

Stimulate Flowering in your PlantsBud Ignitor:
This is my personal favorite and it makes for some amazingly long and productive colas. It will make your plant grow a large amount of flowers half way up the branches all the way to the end, making for up to double the yield at the end of the harvest. Ever since I started using this product I haven’t found one that works as well. If you’d get 5g on average per branch, when using Bud Ignitor you can easily get 10g. Indoors, this product takes about 2 weeks to induce flowering, and outdoors your plants should be ready to flower around the beginning of august under the hot summer sun. Once this happens you’ll need to stop using it and begin fattening the buds with the rest of fertilizers that you’d usually use. To correctly use Bud Ignitor you need to mix it in with your irrigation water and use it from the beginning of July until the flowers are properly formed and ready to flower correctly. Use it alternating between pure water and fertilized water.

Stimulate Flowering in your PlantsDelta 9:
This has been many growers preferred organic stimulant for over 10 years now. When using this you can increase the resin levels in your plant enormously, although it’s not really good for making long colas or making flowering start earlier. It’s the perfect complement for those that grow using organic fertilizers, as it will increase the final quality of your buds. Apart from having the best flavor and quality that only biological fertilizers can give, your buds will have an exaggerated amount of resin that will multiply the effect and flavor. If you like resin extracts, then this product will give your plants enough resin for the best extract possible. It’s extremely easy to use; all you have to do is spray your plants once you transplant them into their flowering pot at the beginning of July and repeat the application every 10 days for at least two more dosages – you can use it the entire flowering period if you want to go all out, but after two or three applications it should do the job.

Stimulate Flowering in your PlantsBio Boost/Canna Boost Accelerator:
This is a decent flowering stimulant, and it also includes the sugars needed for the fattening period meaning that you’re going to need to use it practically until the end of the flowering period. You’ll get some amazing buds with it, the only bad thing being that you need to use quite a lot of product. This will entice long, heavy colas of resinous and dense buds. It’s always used in the irrigation water, and you should use it every second watering alongside the other fertilizers you usually use. Bio Boost and Boost Accelerator are the same product, although one is organic and the other one is mineral; they both work perfectly. Your plants will begin flowering as soon as they can and they’ll also begin making resin earlier. At the end of the flowering period your buds will look absolutely explosive, full of cannabinoids and amazing effects.

Stimulate Flowering in your PlantsTop Max by BioBizz:
This product is extremely similar to Bio Boost Accelerator, but it also activates the soil by attracting the micro-life in the soil to your plants’ roots. Top Max will move nutrients around your plant swiftly, making sure that your plants have everything they need at all times, making for a much healthier flowering period. The roots will explode which will easily be reflected on the plant itself. You’ll need to use it from the beginning to the end of the flowering period, so you’ll need to use quite a lot on outdoor plants as they have long flowering periods. In exchange, your plants will have an amazing flavor and yield thanks to using an organic product. If you use it alongside Top Bloom by BioBizz then you’ll get even better results.

There are many more stimulants out there for the flowering period, but these ones are our personal favorites and the stimulants that have worked the best for us and given us the best possible results. Hopefully this article was able to help you pick the right stimulant for your plants; if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas don’t hesitate to leave a comment and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy growing!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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