Spain Produces Cannabis for All of Europe

The amount of growers in Spain has increased spectacularly, meaning that police searches have also increased. After searches in which thousands and thousands of plants were found, the police have reached the conclusion that such an enormous amount of plants can’t be supplying only the locals; Spain produces cannabis for all of Europe.

During the last few decades Spain has become known in Europe as a crucial point in introducing Moroccan hash to Europe thanks to how close it is to North Africa. In the South of Spain you can find some of the best hash in Europe that comes straight from Morocco completely unaltered. This kind of hash can be found all around Spain, although that’s slightly harder, and it’s practically impossible to find anywhere else in Europe. Spain has gone from being a hash entry point for Europe to being one of the countries with the biggest cannabis production capacities; in 2015 alone, 379,846 plants were found. This is over 40% of the amount of plants found the year before, and it’s thought that at least 85% of those plants were destined to be distributed throughout Europe.

spain produces cannabis for all of europe indoor crop photo

Over the past few years the amount of marijuana crops in Spain has grown notoriously due to the fact that a lot of consumers are tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for their product, although Holland is still the leader in as far as cannabis production in Europe, followed by the United Kingdom in second and Spain in third. Years ago, commercial growers weren’t even thinking about exporting their product to the rest of Europe because there were fewer growers and more smokers, so it was easy to sell their product. Thanks to the increase in growers and the huge cannabis demand in some northern and central European countries, commercial growers have established shipping routes in which, the farther you are away from where it was grown, the more expensive the product is. That’s how they’re able to make more with the same quantity of marijuana; the price is multiplied, and they can sell for double or even triple the price than in Spain.

To make sure that marijuana plants have the best possible conditions , different devices are used to control the climate, making it extremely difficult to maintain correct parameters in a grow room where you have various lights on. The climate situations in Spain make it more budget friendly to set up a complete grow room than in northern Europe where temperatures can get a bit more extreme.

Spanish National Police Agents confirm that the number of cannabis labs in Spain has never been as high as it is right now, confirming that they take apart one cannabis lap per week.

Spain Produces Cannabis for All of Europe indoor photo

Some of the most spectacularly arrests were made just a couple of months ago, although 2017 has been a good year for arrests. In January, 14 Chinese citizens were arrested with 16kg of marijuana in their possession, which was stopped from being transported to Glasgow thanks to police intervention. In March a Dutch gang was arrested in Andalucía with 5000 plants that they were planning to sell throughout Europe. Just one week later, 2 people carrying 130kg were arrested, who were planning to sell it in Italy. In May, 1646 plants were found hidden in boxes of marble, in different trucks destined for Liverpool. These are just some of the many police stings this year alone.

Commercial growers won’t stop though; cannabis demand is growing higher every day, and they’ll always have customers to sell to. The only way this will be solved is the day that growing cannabis is made completely legal. The sad part is that those commercial growers are considered dangerous drug dealers, and once cannabis is legalized they’ll turn into company workers that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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