Shogun Fertilisers

We’re back at it with Shogun fertilisers and a brand new promo campaign! Discover this amazing English fertilizer brand that has Europe going nuts! With every purchase made over 30€ from December 16th to December 31st 2019 (both days included) on our webstore or in retail stores, you’ll be able to get your hands a random sample that Shogun has provided us with so that you can test their products for yourself! The samples that will be randomly given are: PK Warrior 9/18, Terra Bloom, Terra Grow, Geisha Foliar Spray, Katana Roots, Silicon, Sumo Active Boost and Cal-Mag, Dragon Force.

shogun fertilisers


This brand is known for using the best mineral material for obtaining their nutrients, producing high quality products. All of their products provide amazing results and allow you to save quite a lot of money; they’re highly concentrated, which means that you don’t need to use as much as other brands that sell similar products.

Shogun Fertilisers is a company that is based in the United Kingdom and they simply want to offer cannabis growers an alternative, highly concentrated, mineral extract product that is, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air in today’s market.

Shogun belongs to Aqua laboratories LTD (Aqualabs UK), and it came about after years of development and investigation into minerals and quality elements and ingredients. The result is a range of fertilizers alongside some of their most recent discoveries made by their very own team, which have been implemented in various products across their range.

SmartZen & AquaZen Technologies

They have developed two new top of the line technologies; SmartZen can help to improve yields up to 8% in cannabis plants, and AquaZen is capable of evenly distributing water in your plants’ substrate and roots, which stops it from going straight to the bottom of the plant. Both of these cutting edge technologies come with various of their products – simply check the tag and see if it says either SmartZen or AquaZen.

Here at we’ve been the first in Spain to have the delight of seeing just how potent Shogun Fertilisers’ products are. We’ve tested them for ourselves and we can definitely guarantee that giving them a try is well worth it – you’ll be back for more.

Shogun Stimulants

Katana Rootsshogun fertilisers: this root stimulant is highly concentrated, designed to stimulate rapid, healthy root growth and more root hairs, which improve the amount of nutrients that your roots absorb. They’ll be healthier in general and they’ll also have an extra layer of protection against fungi infestations. If your plants’ roots are healthy, your plant will be healthy too; the perfect sturdy structure on which to bloom.

PK Warrior 9-18shogun fertilisers: this fattening product is designed for the most important moment of the Bloom period, which is when your plants need plenty of phosphorus and potassium. This product was made using top quality minerals in a highly concentrated format that your plants can absorb straight away – this product has a slightly different PK rate than similar products on the market. This is a special ratio designed with the actual nutrient intake of your plants in mind.

Siliconshogun fertilisers: this product is essentially an extra dose of silicon for your plants; it’s a high quality product that they can absorb straight away. It’s designed to help your plats in many ways, including nutrient absorption and distribution within your plants, as well as increasing their natural defenses which can help keep insects away and improve the amount of stress they can withstand.

Sumo Active Boostshogun fertilisers: this is one of the most potent boost products on the market; you’ll be able to improve both the quality and quantity of your final yield. It stimulates essential oil production, which improves and increases the effect that your plants’ flowers produce when consumed, and it also improves photosynthesis, helping the buds to grow thicker and more compact. Sumo Active Boost includes a natural alcohol called Triacontanol, which stimulates your plant in various different ways. It also contains various Pacific North algae extracts which stimulate vegetative growth, chlorophyll and flower maturation.

Cal-Magshogun fertilisers: a high concentrated product that’s designed to fix nutritional deficiencies or as an additive to increase the EC in your water. It’s designed to be used in any system or growing medium without obstructing piping or drippers. Thanks to its particular ingredients you can use it when watering your plants or when spraying too. It provides amazing results when correcting deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium, iron and nitrogen.

Samurai Terra Growshogun fertilisers: this is a basic fertilizer that’s designed to cover the nutritional needs of plants going through their growth stage. When used, you’re giving your plants all of the nutrients needed to grow strong, sturdy, with short nodes and amazing branches. This product contains the SmrtZen Maximizer technology, which means that your plants will be able to absorb much more nutrients and more water. It’s recommended for use in peats and soil substrates.

shogun fertilisersSamurai Terra Bloom: like the previous product, Samurai terra Bloom is a base nutrient product designed for the bloom period, otherwise known as the flowering period. It also contains SmartZen Maximizer Technology, which makes for continuous flower growth – they’ll end up massive by the end of the flowering period. The best thing to do here is to use it alongside PK Warrior 9/18 , which guarantees that the large buds produced end up fully compact and resinous.

Geisha Foliarshogun fertilisers: this is a pre-prepared spray product that stimulates your plants. It’s used to increase the amount of water and nutrients that your plants can absorb, growing more nodes with less space in between. They’ll also start to grow their first flowers much earlier than usual thanks to an increase in their metabolism. All of this stimulation essentially improves your plants’ final yield and quality by quite a lot. Geisha is definitely one of the most promising products designed by this amazing cannabis fertilizer brand.

shogun fertilisersDragon Force: This product is specifically designed to give your plants a little extra jolt of energy a few weeks before you flush the roots. You’ll be able to improve and increase your plants’ flowers size and general appearance, making for much more compact and dense buds; you’ll harvest much heftier buds than usual. This product also allows your plants to absorb more carbs, which increases the amount of resin produced on your flowers, which also in turn increases aroma.
Whichever product you receive with your purchase, make sure to make the most out of it – you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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