Rosin Technique

The Rosin Technique has been around for a while and consists in basically extracting resin from cannabis flowers without using any kinds of solvents or gases. It has an extremely similar concentration to BHO, and it has the added advantage that you don’t need to use any chemical substances.

Rosin TechniqueIt’s much simpler and safer to do than any gas extractions, and all you need are simple things that you can find in shops. What do you need? You need oven paper, a cloth, thermic gloves so you don’t burn your hands, a dabber or a toothpick to remove the vegetal bits from the resin and a hair straightener. Yup, all you need is a simple hair straightener.Rosin Technique

Depending on the weed used, you can get from 10 to 20% return from your buds – the more resin that the weed has, the more oil you’ll get logically. The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to freeze the buds either, but they definitely need to be dry.

While the hair straightener heats up, you’ll need to prepare your oven paper and the corresponding buds. Once the straightener has reached the ideal temperature, place Rosin Techniquethe bud between some oven paper and press it between the straightener as hard as possible – you can change the paper and double the bud over and redo it to get even more oil out of the buds. It’s extremely important to use thermic gloves when doing this even if they might be a bit uncomfortable.

Rosin TechniqueKeep in mind that the terpenes, the element responsible for flavor and smells, don’t do well under high temperatures, so the higher the temperature the less time you’ll need to leave the bud so that you don’t lose too many terpenes and obtain a top quality material with an amazing flavor – if you prefer quantity over flavor, you can press for up to 30 seconds to get the most quantity possible.

Once the extraction process is done, collect all of the used pieces of oven paper and grab a dabber, a needle or something similar to remove any bits of bud or pistils – this is done to make sure that the resin is pure. All that’s left to do is test the quality to make sure you did it right!

Author: Fabio Inga
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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