Recipes and cooking

The best recipes made with a special ingredient that we all love; marijuana. Find out how to make your own cannabis sponges and space cakes. You can make your own cannabis milk and cookies to get all of the effects without having to smoke it. Learn the way to your friends hearts through their stomachs with these amazing marijuana recipes.

Cooking with Cannabis: Basics

Many people think that in order to cook with weed all you have to do is substitute your parsley for some ground weed – this is completely false and can end up making you feel a bit ill. Cooking with cannabis is quite particular, as it only dissolves in fatty […]

Vanilla-Cannabis Ice-Cream

Now that summer’s here and temperatures are getting a bit out of control, and everyone loves a good cold, chill meal in the summer – and what’s better than ice-cream? Now you can combine two of the best things to do during the summer; today we’re going to show you […]

Cannabis Coffee Smoothie

This delicious drink is ridiculously easy to prepare and is perfect for those terribly hot summer days when you just can’t cool down – you can even prepare it as a dessert and have some friends over to enjoy the fun, or simply as a nice drink to cool down. […]

Cannabis Fruit Smoothie

During those hot summer days, it’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy a lovely fresh, cold smoothie. We’ve put a spin on our smoothie recipe and added in a hint of cannabis; cannabis fruit smoothie! This smoothie is extremely easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. Ingredients (serves 4): […]

Cannabis Sweets

Today we’re going to prepare a recipe for all of the sweet-lovers out there; an explosive combination of chocolate, marshmallows, and an amazingly fun effect – we’re talking about cannabis sweets, which are extremely easy to prepare and are quite irresistible. They’re easy to story in the fridge and last […]

Cannabis Peach Crumble

Presenting a typically American dessert that will go down well with absolutely anyone that tries it. This recipe is extremely sweet, and we’ve given it that extra touch of cannabis so that you can share a few good laughs in some good company. We’re talking about cannabis peach crumble, and […]

Chimichurri Cannabis Sauce

Today we bring to you a delicious sauce made famous by Argentina. It’s perfect for meat dishes or for marinating fish, and its little hint of spice is combined perfectly with a hint of cannabis; chimichurri cannabis sauce. Ingredients: Parsley A small glass of cannabis oil 4 or 5 cloves […]

Pineapple Carrot Cake with Cannabis

Today we’re going to show you a well-known American recipe with a little special hint of our own; pineapple carrot cake with cannabis! Surprise your friends at your next get-together with this amazingly unique recipe that’s sure to get them talking, apart from the fact that it has quite nutritional […]

White Chocolate Cannabis Cheesecake

In this article we’re going to talk about a delicious dessert recipe that has its own special cannabis touch! We’re talking about a delicious white chocolate cannabis cheesecake; white chocolate cheesecakes are already delicious, so that extra little pinch of cannabis is guaranteed to go down well! Ingredients: -For the […]

Cannabis Hot Chocolate

In this article we’re going to explain an easy recipe to prepare and something that everyone loves on a cold, winter day; hot chocolate! There’s nothing nicer than cuddling up in front of the heater or a fire on a cold winter’s day with a cup of hot chocolate, but […]

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