GB The Green Brand can finally announce their brand new, modernized, intuitive and user-friendly web page. Thanks to this new design, users can surf our page using any type of internet device, including mobile and tablet.

GB The Green Brand is one of the most viewed cannabis pages in Spain and Latin-America, reaching over 16 million views during 2020, most of which were registered using a smartphone.

gb web page

This year is our 10th anniversary, therefore it’s a great moment for our web to have a change of look.

GB The Green Brand is starting a new era and wants to make customers’ experience as smooth as possible so they can purchase from our shop without any inconvenience. For this, the role of our web page and web servers is crucial.

Thanks to our brighter, wider, more intuitive and more efficient design, you can do your purchases quick and easy. The web browser is now categorized so you can find what you are looking for in record time. You’ll be able to access our web page from anywhere at any time. We’d like to remind you that if you don’t live in Spain, you can pay safely using international TPV.

GB The Green Brand New Web Page Format

With our brand-new page, checking out our store has never been easier.  We now have new category menus that are larger, and various new sub-categories that are more intuitive and visual.

As soon as you enter our website, you’ll see that the home page shows all the news and gifts that we offer our customers on a monthly basis. All sections are greatly organized and therefore easy to read.

When it comes to color schemes, although we’ve decided to stay loyal to green, we have chosen a darker shade. We believe is visually more comfortable.

We’ve been able to write more detailed productdescriptions and include more dynamic settings, with larger and clearer photos that allow for much more detail for a much smoother experience.

gb green brand product

Our blog has a new nice and easy design with a search engine. You can use it to find info on whatever cannabis related matter you are interested in. It also has new sections to easily find interesting posts that might call your attention.

Now check out GB The Green Brand new web page and enjoy a much smoother, more user-friendly experience.

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Erik Collado

With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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