Preparing Soil with Fertilizers

Cannabis plants need a specific diet if they’re going to grow to the best of their ability, and there are hundreds of brands of fertilizers available on the market made specifically for cannabis. Experienced growers already know all about the different brands and how to use fertilizers without overfeeding, which can end up causing burns on your plants’ leaves. In order to avoid such issues, today we’re going to talk about preparing soil with fertilizers for your cannabis plants so that all you have to do is water them to get amazing results.

Microlife by BionovaPreparing Soil with Fertilizers microlife

With this fertilizer you can give your plants the perfect balance of living micro-organisms such as mycorrhizae, yeasts and enzymes thanks to a combination of algae, bone meal and cocoa balls. This product will give your plants’ healthier roots that can easily deal with stress and heat, making for strong and perseverant plants.

Pre-Mix by BiobizzPreparing Soil with Fertilizers

This product is used to revitalize soil for cannabis plants and also to prepare soil when planting straight into the ground – its complex formula is capable of reviving even the deadest of soils. It’s used to revive soil rather than enhance it, making it the only product in this list that we recommend combining with a base fertilizer from the same brand. Make sure you don’t overfeed though – use minimal dosages of the base fertilizer per liter of water just to be sure.

Supermix by Plagron

Preparing Soil with Fertilizers supermix

This is quite a classic for many experienced growers. It’s the first fertilizer that Plagron ever created over 20 years ago. This particular fertilizer is rich in algae, minerals, trace elements, worm hummus and bird guan, making for a whole lot of nutrients that’ll keep your plant healthy during its entire cycle. Plagron has many other products that can be mixed with the substrate, such a specific flowering or growth products – Supermix is the only one they have that can be used during growth and flowering.

Guanokalong Guano PowderPreparing Soil with Fertilizers guanokalong

This particular fertilizer is regarded as one of the best products for the flowering period because it gives high amounts of PK which enhance the flowering period through natural extracts. There are more potent fattening fertilizers out there, but for those that love pure and natural flavors, Guanokalong is still the best possible choice. One small issue with this product is that it takes a while to activate, around a month, meaning that you’ll need to transplant your plants at least once to mix it in with the substrate. Guanokalong also has other products that you can mix in with your substrate, such as Fish Powder for the growth period and Palm Tree Ash for flowering.

Power Feeding by Green HousePreparing Soil with Fertilizers powder feeding

Although this particular fertilizer range is still quite new, it’s managed to attract quite a few growers. This product has the capacity to give your plants’ soil the perfect amount of nutrients, allowing you to choose between various complex products, depending on how long your plants will take to flower. This brand has both an organic and mineral range, so you can choose between bigger plants and more yield or more flavor.

Keep in mind that the fertilizers we’ve mentioned here are base fertilizers for your plants, so if you want to get the best possible result you’ll want to combine other products such as flowering enhancers, carbs or PK products.