Plagron: Gifts and Fertilizers

We’re still working with various people, and it’s that time of year again when we work with one of our customer favorites; Plagron, promoting their products via gifts and fertilizers with certain purchases. This year we have some of the brand’s most sought-after products for your grows. Whatever gift you get with your purchase, we’re sure that you won’t regret it. This offer is on from today, June 2nd until the 14th of July 2018 – anyone that spends over 20€ will receive a present, both online and in shops.Plagron: Gifts and Fertilizers logo

Plagron is one of few brands that really doesn’t need an introduction; this company is the king of fertilizers for cannabis plants, and has been the favorite brand of growers around the world for years now. They began in Holland in 1992, with just one product that is still considered one of the best substrate-enhancers on the market – the famous Supermix.

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Plagron, although this time Plagron’s waited until July to work with us – smart move. This means that many growers will have their plants flowering around now, meaning that they’ll be able to truly test the efficiency of the products being sent out as gifts without having to put them away and wait until your next grow.Plagron: Gifts and Fertilizers

Anyone who makes a purchase over 20€ will receive a free gift from the prestigious fertilizer brand, including fertilizer samples and other exclusive items that can only be obtained through this offer. We have small samples of two of their star products; their organic growth fertilizer base, Alga Bloom, and an incredible flowering stimulant, Green Sensation. We also have exclusive items such as Plagron sunglasses or lighters.

Alga Bloom

Alga Bloom is a natural, organic flowering fertilizer that, like its name says, was obtained entirely from algae. This product includes macro and micronutrients that favor your plants growth, guaranteeing constant growth and quite an increased yield. Once you see the result you’ll know that it’s one of the most efficient fertilizers in the world, giving visible result after every dosage.

It’s especially effective for growing in soil and can also be used in coco-fiber, but the density of the product means it can’t be used in drip-irrigation systems, as it could easily block up the entire system. If you plan on using Alga Bloom, we recommend having already used a similar product during the growth period, as it’ll increase yield quite a lot and you want to give your plants a strong structure before they start growing plenty of flowers.

Green Sensation

This product is used towards the end of the flowering period in order to increase the weight of the final yield without any chemicals or heavy ingredients. It’s made out of organic ingredients, allowing you to use it with whatever flowering base or brand you prefer. You can use it to get higher yields as well as to improve your plants’ natural, pure flavors.

It intensifies your plants’ oil production, which intensifies terpenes and cannabinoids – what this does is improve both flavor and effect. It stimulates the glands that are in charge of producing resin, as well, so your plant should end up with a thick layer of sticky resin. This also increases results when it comes to making extracts.Plagron: Gifts and Fertilizers - Green Sensations

If you use both of these fertilizers in your grow, you’ll be able to get mind-blowingly impressive yields without using any chemical products or heavy metals. If you’re looking for absolute top-quality yields you should use the Sugar Royal additive, which will increase resin and bud density, so you won’t just have heavy yields, you’ll also increase effect and flavor.

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