Marijuana has been present in nature for thousands of years and it has been used by plenty of civilizations up to nowadays. These days there is an ongoing debate regarding its legality, use, cultivation, etc. Growers reckon growing autoflowering or photoperiod cannabis seeds should be de-penalized, as long as it is done for self-cultivation purposes

There are various types of seeds, and also males and females. The difference between them is that males produce seeds and females grow longing buds. Within this distinction, there are three types of seeds: photoperiod, autoflowering and regular. But, what are photoperiod cannabis seeds?

What are Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds?

It is not a mystery that marijuana plants need sunlight to grow and flower (or a lighting system). They need it to be able of going through photosynthesis. Photoperiod marijuana, as its own name says, depends on receiving the necessary hour of light to develop properly.

Lighting cycles where the plant receives more light than darkness (20h/4h) are perfect to provide more growth. As soon as the strain enters the flowering period, it should get an average of 15 hours or less of light (12h/12h indoors).

marijuana leaf sun

The difference with other strains is that its development depends on the amount of lighting it receives. This makes it perfect for indoor growers, as they can easily regulate growth with a lighting system. However, photoperiod cannabis seeds also develop great outdoors as long as they receive enough natural daylight.

Life cycle of photoperiod cannabis seeds

Feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds are very handy for indoor grows because with a proper lighting system, the grower can leave the plant on the growth phase for as long as he/she considers opportune. 

If the plant is exposed to more than 18h of light a day, it will keep on growing until it reaches the roof of the grow ten. To make the plant swap to flowering mode, the grower has to simply reduce the amount of hours to 12h/12h. By increasing dark hours, the plant undergoes certain hormonal changes that make it flower the precious calyxes.

photoperiod cannabis seeds

Sometimes, a grower decides to keep one of the plants in the growth phase for longer by using a low consumption lighting system. These plants are known as mother plants and are used to make genetically identical clones. By leaving the plant under a long lighting cycle for a long time, it will stay in a constant growth period and produce branches non-stop.

How to grow a photoperiod strain

There are certain tips to grow a feminized seed that should be taken into account for the sake of the crop. First of all, you should choose a good quality strain that gets the best out of your grow. GB Therapy CBD by GB Strains is a good photoperiod option. This 50% sativa/ 50% indica hybrid offers great results, it produces a large CBD-rich yield, it’s relatively easy to grow and it doesn’t take too long. 

Photoperiod seeds take longer to grow than autoflowering seeds due to the fact that they are light dependent, therefore, changes take longer. However, they do provide larger yields and plants are larger. The main risk they have is breaking their rest cycle.

photoperiod cannabis seed germinating

Dark hours are as important as light hours. During the day, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen (photosynthesis). At night time, the process is inverted for the plant to get a good rest. Darkness is especially important during the flowering period. When growing the plant indoors, this is obviously not a problem, but when growing photoperiod strains outdoors, it is crucial to respect dark periods.

Advantages of photoperiod cannabis seeds

  • Greater indoor control as it’s easy to monitor light exposure.
  • Their growth is not biologically limited.
  • Greater tolerance to prunes as they have more time to recover.
  • They can become mother plants to produce clones from the one plant.
  • It’s possible to revert the plant to a vegetative phase.
  • Larger yields than autoflowering strains.
photoperiod cannabis seeds

Photoperiod cannabis seeds were the only available ones up until a few years ago, there was no other alternative. With the arrival of autoflowering seeds, the options opened up a lot and growing fast yields became way easier. However, photoperiod seeds are still essential to get good quality crosses and to produce huge yields.

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