Bio Nova feed Chart

Bio Nova Feed Chart

0.0 00 Bio Nova is a Dutch company that has been making fertilizers for almost 30 years now for all types of plants. Coincidentally, the Bio Nova feed chart is perfect for cannabis plants. They have spent many years studying and investigating ways to make high-performing products that improve your […]

How to make Mint and Weed Ice Cream

5.0 01 Cannabis desserts are in fashion right now, and more and more people are starting to make their own fun recipes like the one we’re about to show you; mint and weed ice cream. Mint and weed ice cream is obviously a much more entertaining meal to make than […]

The Best Cannabis Bloom Booster

5.0 01 What is the best bloom booster for cannabis? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by cannabis growers due to the fact that bloom boosters can help your plants to produce delicious flavors, aromatic hints, high yields and prettier flowers in general. That’s why these types […]

outdoor flowering

When does cannabis flower outdoors?

5.0 02 When does cannabis flower outdoors? The flowering period is the most anticipated moment of the year for many cannabis homegrowers, as it’s when your plants start growing their precious, sought-after flowers. Knowing exactly when your plants are going to begin their flowering period is incredibly important – depending […]

tabla plagron

How to use the Plagron Feeding Chart

4.0 02 If you’re looking to grow your own professional cannabis plants, regardless of growing preferences, you should definitely go with the Plagron feeding chart. You can choose between various different growing methods, additives and even substrates from Plagron. With their feeding chart you’ll be able to follow clear instructions […]

hemp seed properties

Hemp Seed Benefits

0.0 00 Hemp seeds are something obtained from Cannabis plants, and over the past few years these seeds have been more and more frequently used in many products.  They’re generally consumed skinned, as the actual skin is hard and a bit sour. Also, the benefits on these seeds can only […]

How to Make Chlorophyll Water

How to Make Chlorophyll Water

5.0 01 You’re probably wondering why on earth we’re interested in how to make chlorophyll water. Well, the world is changing and we’re changing with it; more and more people are becoming concerned with taking care of the environment and living a much healthier life. By doing this, we’re respecting […]

The difference between hemp and cannabis

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis?

5.0 01 Aesthetically, for someone that doesn’t know much about cannabis, it may be hard to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis. There are quite a few significant differences that we’re going to have a look at in this article. Stick around to find out everything you need to […]



5.0 01 What is Mildew? Mildew is a fungal disease that can occur in plants that can cause a lot of varied illnesses when they manage to find their way to your cannabis plants; they end up growing and absorbing vital fluids, which therefore affects yield quite a lot – […]

hesi feeding schedule

Hesi Feeding Schedule for Professional Results

5.0 01 If you want to give your plants a professional feeding schedule that’s simple and easy to understand, search no more. The Hesi feeding schedule contains the perfect mineral products that can help you increase yield when growing cannabis in soil, coco coir and even hydroponically. Hesi Plantenvoeding was […]

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