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August is coming to an end and so is our Plagron promotion; we’ve sent our customers thousands of brand-name presents so that they could try them out at home and see first-hand the top-quality fertilizers that this brand is offering. This time around, we’ll be talking about other Plagron products that aren’t necessarily needed to grow your plants correctly, but nonetheless if used properly it can making growing your crops easier, better and even more productive.

other plagron products seedbox photoOne of those products is Seed Box, a small germination kit with which your plants will get a boost in growth right from the start, enticing vigorous growth and making for bigger, more productive specimens. It’s absolutely perfect for those growers that have had some bad experiences when germinating their seeds, making it much easier and guaranteeing a 99% success rate. It includes 12 jiffys in which to germinate your seeds; all you have to do is wet them in lukewarm water and some SeedBooster (also included), wring out the jiffy and proceed to put the seed inside of it. Once the seed is in, all you have to do is put the jiffy inside the propagator and wait 4 or 5 days until the stem begins to sprout. Once this happens, your plantother plagron products power roots photo will be ready to be put in a flowerpot.

Another compound made specifically for roots is Power Roots, although it’s not designed for germination; it’s used for making the roots grow during your plants entire life cycle. It has a 100% organic formula, and is mainly comprised of algae extracts, Humic acids and ascorbic acid, therefore it’s ideal for mixing with other fertilizers like the Alga brand. You should apply this product during the first few weeks of your plant’s life, the two weeks after transplanting and 2 weeks before switching the light period. If done correctly, your plants root system will grow spectacularly in size, directly influencing the size of the plant and its amount of branches, as well as increasing its capacity to absorb food, meaning that you can water more often and therefore use more fertilizers.

other plagron products Vita Race photoIf you’re looking for a foliar fertilizer that can be used in both growth and flowering periods, Vita Race is your best option due to the fact that it gives your plants exactly what they need to multiply growth. You’ll just be giving them a bit of iron, although your plants will repay you by intensifying their size in any of their stages. Iron is one of the elements that plants tend to lack a lot; it’s very important for the photosynthesis process to occurr. When you use Vita Race you’re making it easier for your plants to transport nutrients around their body, so it’s easy to get rid of deficiencies, even if they aren’t iron deficencies. It’s applied via spraying the entire plant to ensure maximum efficiency. Once the buds have formed you’ll need to try and avoid spraying them directly so that you don’t get any sudden fungi appearances, but you can continue applying it to the bigger leaves. Remember to stop applying at least 15 days before you harvest, right when you stop watering with fertilizers.otros productos de plagron foto de slab de coco

Plagron’s coco Slabs are one of the most used systems when it comes to growing marijuana plants, especially cuttings; it’s comfy and simple to do, much more so than any other growing medium. There are special flowerpots for this kind of substrate in which you’ll only have to put the bag on top, making it a quick and clean method. The sacks have holes all along one of their sides, which is the side you’ll need to place facing down to make sure that leftover water isn’t stuck in the bag. Next, you’ll need to make a series of holes in the shape of an X on the top part, which is where you’ll place your cuttings or plants. To get the most out of it, we recommend placing 5 plants per Slab; if you place too many they won’t have enough space to develop their roots properly.

other plagron products cocos a+b photoIf you’re thinking of growing in Coconut, Cocos A+B is one of the fertilizers that gives the best results in this particular medium due to have being specifically designed for it, although it can be used in soil, hydro and aeroponics. It has the exact dosage of each nutrient to offer up the best possible results in this particular medium, meaning that your plants will feed without any kind of issues, making for much bigger specimens. Due to the fact that coconut is an inert medium, meaning it doesn’t contain any nutrients, you’ll need to fertilize your plants with each watering, taking special care to not over-fertilize them.

When using Plagron, you can trust in one of the leading brands in this sector; thousands of growers around the globe put their trust in this brand, and Plagron knows that if you put your trust in them you’re guaranteed a successful crop. They have a lot more products in their catalogue that are used daily by only the best growers, so take advantage of the last few days of our Plagron promotion and try one of their marvelous products for free.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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