Cannabis for therapeutic uses still has to be legalized in many countries all over the world, although the battle is slowly being won if the USA is anything to go by, and it usually is. Slowly, more countries around the world are legalizing medicinal and therapeutic use of this marvelous plant.

The effects of this plant are extremely beneficial to people suffering from terrible illnesses like cancer, which affects millions of people every year all over the world.

Of course, our generation isn’t the first generation of people to use cannabis medicinally to help easThe Origins of Medicinal Cannabise pain and other issues; it has been used for these reasons for thousands of years in many different civilizations.

The oldest evidence was found in China

The oldest known document referring to medicinal marihuana dates back to 2037 years before Christ. The emperor Shen Nong wrote information documenting the medicinal use cannabis had and what it was used for, as well as how it was used.

In Greece, vets used cannabis

The Ancient Greeks gave cannabis a slightly different medicinal use; rather than using it on people, they would use it on their horses to treat injuries and muscle cramps, among other issues, after large battles.

It was also used for humans for treating inflammations like ear infections, muscle pains etc.

Used for treating cancer in Egypt

In medical papyrus, called Fayum, references to medicinal cannabis being used to treat cancer have been found. Not much is known about how it was used or what the objectives of its use were, but we know for sure that it was medicinal and related to illnesses such as cancer.

Did you know what medicinal cannabis has been used for this long? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translator: Ciara Murphy

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