Organic Fertilizers

In this article we’re going to talk about organic fertilizers; how they’re used, why they’re used and the difference between a 100% organic fertilizer, organic-mineral fertilizers etc. You might already know that there are institutes that dedicate themselves to reviewing agricultural products and ensuring that they are indeed organic, such as the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), SHC and Control Union, as well as many, many more.

Organic FertilizersOrganic-mineral fertilizers (those with EDTA chelates in them) are biological fertilizers that come from compost, bone meal, worms etc. which have a perfect balance between micro and macronutrients thanks to the chelated agents. These are heavy metal elements that have been turned into absorbable material for plants, but of course these products aren’t as healthy for the consumer.

These products can even leave residues in the flavor of the buds when smoked if you don’t stop using them at least 14-21 days before harvesting and wash the roots out correctly. These sorts of fertilizers stick around in soil for much longer without saturating it, meaning that they have a longer absorption period in your plants.

If you manage to over fertilize the soil you’ll notice that your plants are taking longer to finish up their flowering as the excess nitrogen won’t allow the plant to mature enough to be finished. If this happens, it will be MUCH harder to clean the plant out and get a decent flavor from your bods, as the chlorophyll will stick around for much longer. It leaves a peculiar taste, although it can be remedied somewhat if you cure your buds properly, which, in this case, will take many more days than usual.

Most organic fertilizers contain these elements; the best thing to do for your lungs if you plan on smoking your cannabis is to try and avoid chemicals, minerals, phosphates like excessive PK levels during the bud fattening phase etc.

Organic FertilizersYou can also use natural, top quality products and then at just the right moment use a PK like Big Boom without altering the flavor of the buds. This kind of PK product is nicely combined with bio products thanks to Big Booms high quantity of sugars, molasses and carbohydrates. Organic fertilizers give amazing results and amazing buds.

We recommend using various fertilizers to give your plants a wide variety of nutrients and stimulants.  If you use the PK we recommended then your plants should easily absorb everything you give them, and the PK product will give your plants buds that are hard as rock and an increase in yield; organic products don’t tend to increase yield that much without a little help from some minerals.

These products aren’t completely harmful to your health but they aren’t completely organic either. They go through a chemical process to balance out the formula, but they’re much healthier than fertilizers with 100% chemical or mineral origins.

So, what does ecological growing mean? It means that the ingredients all have natural origins and are self-sustaining, making them the most recommended for cannabis plants as they are the least damaging to humans when smoked. Nobody wants to smoke something that tastes peculiar or like chemicals, so it’s time to start getting healthy.

Organic FertilizersInstitutes like the OMRI exist for this exact purpose; they are a non-profit entity that helps give consumers correct information on the products available on the market. They control fertilizers, pest controllers, farming products and all sorts of products that need a sort of regulation in as far as healthy and safety.

All you have to do is go to OMRI’s web page and find your fertilizer to check how it ranks; there are other websites that do this, and you can also check them out on the actual manufacturer’s website. Our product descriptions also have information on the health and safety of each product. In many dispensaries in the United States and Canada they use these certificates to guarantee their clients and patients that they follow health and safety regulations. They tend to work with normal PK levels, avoiding organic-mineral products; they only use completely organic, natural fertilizers that have been certified.

An example of these kinds of fertilizers would be BioBizz and Top Crop’s range of certified products. Other brands only have a few organically certified products, like Canna and its Bio-specific range.

These products ensure an organic grow and some of them even work with vegan ingredients such as Acti Vera; this brand was started by growers who would make their own completely natural and vegan fertilizers for their plants, designed for the most demanding growers when it comes to flavor and aroma. Natural vegan fertilizers give the soil a lot bacterial life, helping plants turn into strong soldiers that are capable of repelling any sort of pest.

Organic FertilizersThere is indeed a regulation on the quantity of heavy metals that can be used, which is a determining factor if a product is labelled ecological or not. Other products are balanced purely in the interest of the plants, without following any sort of rules or balance. Top Crop is another interesting brand when it comes to quality certificates, as they have the Spanish SHC certificate and they have a pretty decent price-quality ratio. These products have small dosages of fertilizers making for a more eco-conscious use of the products, and an amazing final aroma, smoke and flavor.

Hopefully this article will have helped you make up your mind on whether to use chemical or natural fertilizers on your grow; remember, natural fertilizers may not increase yield by that much but they definitely increase the flavor, potency and aroma.

If you have any questions or would like to know about any specific products or certifications, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment down below and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

Author: Victor Moreno
Translation: Ciara Murphy

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