OptiClimate – Climate Controller

OptiClimate – Climate Controller. This climate controller is capable of keeping the parameters in your grow up to speed. The OptiClimate climate controller is basically a device that has everything you need on it to correctly control the climate in your grow room.

This device is in charge of raising the temperature and lowering it when needed; for example, it will raise the temperature in your grow just before the lights come on so that your plants don’t receive all of that heat at once. Once the lights are on, the device will make sure that the temperature doesn’t get too hot with the lights on, and it will increase the temperature if it’s too cold for whatever reason. Once the lights turn off, it will lower the temperature gradually so that your plants don’t get stressed out at the sudden change in temperature.OptiClimate – Climate Controller

This device will also control humidity, so that you don’t have any fungi issues which can be a big problem for indoor grows, especially those done in hydroponics due to having water tanks included. Also, when you use CO2 the humidity rises too, but this is no issue for the OptiClimate.

This controller is for advanced and professional grows. You won’t need any extractors but you’ll need a controller and a source of CO2 so that it can work inside your grow, as it has no contact with the outdoors. This will also save you a whole lot of issues with smells, as the extraction won’t be extracting the smelly air, making for a much stealthier grow.

OptiClimate – Climate ControllerAnother advantage is that you won’t need loads of air conditioning units in your large grow rooms. In a room with 10 lights you generally need more than one air conditioner – with OptiClimate, even the smallest one, you can control 10 600w lights with just one compressor outside the grow. With the 10000w, 16 lights, and with the 15000w model you can control 25 lights with just one air conditioning system.

You can easily control this device using a remote control which is extremely easy to use. You’ll be able to rest easy, as your grow won’t ’produce extra heat or strange smell; it will be practically undetectable from the outside. You’ll be able to save having loads of air conditioned units outside your house, or anything else that’s a big sign that you have a grow. All you have to do is hang the device on the wall, connect it to the air conditioner compressor outside the grow with a tube with which you can control the release of cold air or leave it as it is.

If you have an aeroponic or hydroponic grow then your grow will practically grow itself as long as you give it the nutrients and water it needs – you’re guaranteed a top quality yield and top quality product.

If you have a large grow then this might be the device for you!  And even if you have a small one, you’ll have the most professional small grow around. If you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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