Offers and promotions

Every time we have special offers on our webpage we will make sure to publish them here and delete them once the offer is over or the item has been sold; make sure to pay attention to this section as our offers tend to fly by in a heartbeat.

The Benefits of Mammoth P for Cannabis

This autumn here at we’ve got yet another promo going! This month we’re working with Mammoth P, an organic additive that’ll allow your plants to grow much more, increasing quantity and quality of the final yield. From the 12th of November until the 31st of December, you’ll be able […]

Free Flower Power Fertilizers

This September we’re continuing our string of 2018 promos, giving away one of the most innovative fertilizing products of the year; Flower Power are a company dedicated to making simple, affordable and highly efficient fertilizers. Flower Power has a full fertilizer range that you can use to give your plants […]

Plagron: Gifts and Fertilizers

We’re still working with various people, and it’s that time of year again when we work with one of our customer favorites; Plagron, promoting their products via gifts and fertilizers with certain purchases. This year we have some of the brand’s most sought-after products for your grows. Whatever gift you […]

Silicon Accessories for BHO

Silicon accessories for BHO – necessary materials that you’ll need if you plan on working with BHO, as it has the perfect texture so that your extract won’t get stuck to it – oil extractions are rather sticky, and if you go the old school route and use oven paper […]

Mushroom grow kits at

How often have you heard people talking about magic mushrooms? Maybe you’ve even searched for them everywhere but came up empty? You might have even tried them years ago on a trip to Holland and you want a repeat experience; we have a solution for you, we offer the best […]

Other Plagron products

August is coming to an end and so is our Plagron promotion; we’ve sent our customers thousands of brand-name presents so that they could try them out at home and see first-hand the top-quality fertilizers that this brand is offering. This time around, we’ll be talking about other Plagron products […]