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Boom Nutrients FAQs

Boom Nutrients is a fertilizer brand that hasn’t been on the market for that long, although that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a rapidly growing popular choice among growers. However, many growers have a few questions regarding how to use Boom Nutrients correctly, so we’ve decided to put together a […]

Big Boom Promo Campaign

July is here and at we’re still going strong with our monthly promo campaigns so that you, the customer, can try out some of the best products on the market for free and see their results for yourselves! Hurry and participate in our Big Boom promo campaign; Big Boom […]

Boom Nutrients Feeding Schedule

We’re back at it again with Boom Nutrients, and in this post we’re going to talk all about the Boom Nutrients feeding schedule and its variations; this amazing nutrient brand provides growers with a chart for growing in soil and another for coco coir and peat substrates, or just coco. […]

Discover Boom Nutrients!

Boom Nutrients is a bio-mineral fertilizer brand designed for cannabis that stands out thanks to its range of affordable, concise and easy-to-use products that are incredibly high in quality. These products allow both professional growers and less experienced growers to make the absolute most of their high quality ingredients and […]

Soil Preparation for Growing Cannabis

Learn the right type of soil preparation for growing cannabis outdoors once spring comes along. It’s one of the most important things to prepare if you want to produce strong, sturdy, high yielding, potent and intensely aromatic plants. This type of growing technique has been used for centuries when it […]

Ozone as a Disinfectant – Fighting the Coronavirus

The world is going through some uncertain, trying times; most of us have access to the internet and the news that keeps popping up every day. We’re clearly talking about the current coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID19, which is currently affecting the entire world. Spain is currently set as […]

Sementes de cannabis

As sementes são uma maneira natural de reprodução de muitas plantas, onde está incluída a Cannabis Sativo, mais conhecida como marijuana. As plantas de marijuana reproduzem-se de maneira sexual: é preciso dois órgãos reprodutores para que se formem as sementes. Umas plantas são machos e outras são fêmeas, pode sair […]

Flowerpots for Cannabis Plant Root Growth

In this article we’re going to have a look at various types of flowerpots for cannabis; they’re designed specifically to boost root growth, making for much healthier, stronger plants that are ready for each and every growth phase. Flowerpots for Cannabis | What type of flowerpot should I use? Usually, […]